Saturday 16 January 2021

Tungsten Analysis 2020 Awards

So here we are. Finally done with thinking, here's the TA 2020 awards. The same reminder I give every year - players can only win one of the four individual awards, and will take the highest one they can and not be eligible for others, and in terms of new tour card holders, I don't consider players that have previously won a card and have now just won it back (sorry Dirk). Here we go.

Best single tournament performance

Previous winners:
2017 - Phil Taylor, World Matchplay
2018 - Gary Anderson, World Matchplay
2019 - Peter Wright, World Championship

Nominees: Dimitri van den Bergh (World Matchplay), Jose de Sousa (Grand Slam of Darts), Devon Petersen (German Darts Championship), Dirk van Duijvenbode (World Grand Prix), Michael van Gerwen (UK Open)

Winner - Ryan Searle, Players Championship 3

You need to go back and look at this one to realise what a remarkable run it was. Searle opened up against Gerwyn Price, then had a couple of easier games against Michael Barnard and Josh Payne, but that run in was absurd - Michael Smith in the last sixteen, Glen Durrant in the quarters, Jeffrey de Zwaan in the semi and then Michael van Gerwen in the final. Searle took them all out to win his first title and didn't let his level slip all day. You can't get a much harder run than that. In the others, taking your first major title is always going to be a huge achievement so credit for Dimitri and Jose for doing so, Dirk was able to put together a great run - while you'd have expected the previous two to do something sooner rather than later, van Duijvenbode was a bit more out of left field even though he didn't win the title (was tempted to stick Dirk's worlds run in here as well), Petersen's run saw him take out two world champions (well, one at the time) and several other hugely feared opponents, and while you might think van Gerwen winning something is routine, he had an incredibly hard draw of Aspinall, Lowe, Wade, Cross, Gurney and Price. Not a gimmie among them.

Match of the season

Previous winners:
2017 - Rob Cross v Michael van Gerwen, World Championship
2018 - Gary Anderson v Mensur Suljovic, World Matchplay
2019 - Peter Wright v Noel Malicdem, World Championship

Nominees: Krzysztof Ratajski v Chris Dobey (UK Open), Gerwyn Price v Devon Petersen (Players Championship 13), Joe Cullen v Jonny Clayton (World Championship), Michael van Gerwen v Simon Whitlock (Grand Slam), Krzysztof Ratajski v Gabriel Clemens (World Championship), Gerwyn Price v Peter Wright (Players Championship 5)

Winner - Michael van Gerwen v Joe Cullen, World Championship

So many great games could have been picked from the worlds, the two I've picked were incredibly tense that went all the way down to the wire, Cullen/Clayton being one for the purists with a beautiful finish from Cullen to clinch it under pressure, whereas Ratajski and Clemens went 34 out of a possible 35 legs, neither player giving an inch and ending up in the most nailbiting finish. Price against Petersen was one of the great games they've had on the floor, this being the semi final where Petersen averaged 113 and lost the deciding leg, while you can't not pick Whitlock overturning the (then) world number one in a deciding leg in a long format major quarter final. Also need to throw out the PC5 final, four visit legs all over the place, both players averaging 109, incredible stuff. I thought the Ratajski/Dobey match was going to take this for the longest time, under the radar a bit as it was only on board two, but a 10-9 match where both average 105 is right up there. Then van Gerwen against Cullen happened. This game had everything. Literally the only way it could have been better was if Cullen didn't seem completely gone in the deciding leg.

Most disappointing season

Previous winners:
2017 - Benito van de Pas
2018 - Rob Cross
2019 - Raymond van Barneveld

Nominees: Chris Dobey, Steve Beaton, Jamie Hughes, John Henderson

Winner - Adrian Lewis

Not a great number of picks here, and I've excluded the likes of Kyle Anderson, Wayne Warren and Fallon Sherrock who could have had years at least doing something but were prevented from doing so through no fault of their own. Dobey's been off the pace for quite some time, has started missing majors again and seems to have taken a fair step backwards. Beaton's been incredibly quiet on the floor, is now also missing majors, and suffered a huge defeat on the opening day of the worlds which might potentially be the last time we see him, Hughes really hasn't been the same player since the middle of 2019 (while some of it may be injury related), and Hendo has been able to do pretty much nothing all year and was incredibly fortunate to even qualify for the worlds. But it's got to go to Adie I think. Out of the worlds at the first hurdle, out of the Players Championship at the first hurdle, didn't even qualify for the Grand Slam, missed the Grand Prix through no fault of his own, out of the UK Open at the first hurdle, no floor finals at all, if it wasn't for the Matchplay, 2020 might have been a total loss for Lewis, and he can no longer bank on a top 16 position to make majors. He's got a lot of work to do in 2021.

Best young player

Previous winners:
2017 - Justin van Tergouw
2018 - Luke Humphries/Leighton Bennett
2019 - Keane Barry

Nominees: Keane Barry, Bradley Brooks, Ryan Meikle, Kevin Doets, Lewy Williams

Winner - Callan Rydz

This is an incredibly tough one to call with the youth calendar outside of the PDC being basically reduced to zero, so I'm pretty much looking at PDC work. Brooks through winning the world youth after winning his tour card back is clearly worth a shout, as is Meikle for winning the Development Tour and doing enough to get through to the Players Championship Finals, showing dangerous ability at times on the senior tour. Barry continues to progress at an incredible rate and will be a huge threat on the tour already, while Doets is a fairly new name to me but has managed to win both Development and Challenge Tour titles in 2020. Should also mention Williams, made waves at the UK Open and could be a pretty big name in the near future. It has to go to Rydz though. He's already putting up performances of a top 32 level, has shown the capability of making deep runs at senior level and in his game against Peter Wright at the Players Championship Finals, showed that he's able to mix it at the very highest level. With a year of experience at senior level on the board, who knows what he'll be capable of in 2021.

Most disappointing news of the season

Previous winners:
2017 - Phil Taylor still not getting it quietly
2018 - Everything to do with the UK Open
2019 - Everything to do with the BDO

Nominees: The almost complete absence of non-PDC darts, Lewis/Bunting/Kleermaker being screwed out of major tournaments, crowds being back in the UK for just one session, BDO continuing to piss off Wayne Warren

Winner - Kyle McKinstry and Wessel Nijman match fixing

I could just say everything to do with government reactions to Covid, be it us losing more or less every non-professional tournament in 2020 outside of the Dutch Open at a time when the second tier of the game was going to be in a huge state of flux in any case, which has also cost us the entirety of the ladies and youth games, cost us the Asian Tour and the majority of other regional tours, as well as giving us stupid restrictions which has seen multiple players miss out on appearances at major events through no fault of their own when, more likely than not, they were of no risk to anyone. It was also incredibly sad to see that yes, we can get crowds into the worlds, then Matchroom get fucked over after just one day, exactly as they got fucked over with the snooker. I suppose the worst news that wasn't related to all this was the BDO stiffing Wayne Warren for a huge chunk of the initially advertised money and then the whole trophy palaver afterwards. But no, it has to go to McKinstry and Nijman doing what they did in the whole murky world that was the Modus events, especially sad since McKinstry had just had a big UK Open run and Wessel was only just starting on what could have been a very promising career.

Personal highlight of the season

Previous winners:
2017 - Mensur Suljovic wins the Champions League
2018 - Ian White claims a European Tour title
2019 - The explosion in quality from non-traditional areas

Nominees: Deta Hedman making it into the worlds, Danny Baggish becoming a high quality player, Jose de Sousa binking a major title, Jose de Sousa's miscounting, Michael van Gerwen's 141 approach to leave tops, Lisa Ashton winning a tour card

Winner - The PDC's efforts to get some sort of calendar on

This can be the only real winner. The amount of work that that Barry Hearn, Matt Porter and everyone behind the scenes to get on what they were able to, with a hell of a lot of innovation with the Home Tour, the various Series and finally being able to get some crowds into some of the events based in Europe. They've been dealt an absolute bastard of a hand but knocked it out of the park. Elsewhere, Deta really upping things in the Women's Series to get a worlds appearance was great to see, Danny Baggish doing the best of the international qualifiers at the worlds and being part of a much improving US-scene is nice, de Sousa making a big breakthrough and giving us plenty of comedy moments along the way has to be a highlight, but in terms of a single best visit of the season, van Gerwen showing Chisnall how you should finish off a nine dart leg has to be it. And I can't not mention Lisa Ashton making a huge breakthrough and (just about) getting onto the tour. That should have been much bigger news than anything Sherrock did.

Best new tour card holder

Previous winners:
2017 - Richard North
2018 - Danny Noppert
2019 - Glen Durrant

Nominees: Jason Lowe, Karel Sedlacek, Boris Krcmar, Callan Rydz, Scott Waites

Winner - Damon Heta

Got to be Damon. The level of play he's put up consistently all year, both on the floor, where he was able to win one title and reach the final in another, and on stage where he already looks a danger to go deep in any tournament he enters, is clearly better than anyone else who's come onto the tour this season. A top ten level of scoring is no fluke. Elsewhere, Rydz we've talked about as having a great season, the European combination of Sedlacek and Krcmar have looked solid once they've got used to the whole tour system, kind of similar with Waites who's been involved in some good tussles, notably against Aspinall, and shown why he should have switched to the PDC a decade ago. Final mention is to Lowe, who had a real good start to the season, was doing next to nothing wrong on the floor, nearly beat van Gerwen in a great UK Open run, then did get the scalp of Michael Smith at the worlds.

Most improved player

Previous winners:
2017 - Daryl Gurney
2018 - Jeffrey de Zwaan
2019 - Nathan Aspinall

Nominees: Jose de Sousa, Ryan Searle, Dirk van Duijvenbode, Adam Hunt, Franz Roetzsch

Winner - Devon Petersen

Has to be Devon. He was showing some signs in 2019, but I don't think anyone could see this sort of transformation into a top ten player in terms of scoring, a European Tour winner and a major semi finalist. It's been a remarkable rise in quality, especially if you compare to two or three years ago where he was just holding onto his tour card by the skin of his teeth with a run of world championship upsets. de Sousa's gone from someone who can win the occasional event to European Tour winner, then major winner, now Premier League player and top five rated in terms of scoring, Searle's managed to break through to the level of Pro Tour winner, has looked deadly at times on TV and is not an easy out for anyone, Adam Hunt has finally started to make some waves, improve his averages and start to put in some good performances on stage with a nice Grand Slam performance, being pretty unlucky to not go further than he did in the worlds, only being stopped by fellow nominee Dirk van Duijvenbode, whose 2020 after grabbing his tour card back is quite special. Also got to stick a shout out to Roetzsch, we've not seen much of him, but having come from basically nowhere to putting in some incredible performances in the European Tour, grabbing some big scalps and being one game away from making a major, that's got to be some improvement.

Player of the year

Previous winners:
2017 - Rob Cross
2018 - Gary Anderson
2019 - Michael van Gerwen

Nominees: Jose de Sousa, Michael van Gerwen, Peter Wright

Winner - Gerwyn Price

It has to go to the world champion and new world number one. It may not be completely true on scoring, but there's a clear best three, and in terms of pure results, Price takes it, having taken the world title, taken another major, claiming the World Cup, making another ranking major final and semi final, as well as binking a Euro Tour and four Pro Tour titles. Wright had the best scoring of anyone, claimed another major in the European Championship, and did enough on the Pro Tour to get the number one seeding for the Players Championship Finals. de Sousa made huge strides with two massive wins, while van Gerwen was able to claim another two major titles and only be beaten by Wright in terms of scoring, but was never really in contention following that shock loss to Chisnall, a poor Premier League and multiple surprise defeats to Whitlock.

That's it. Let us know your thoughts and where you agree or disagree if you want. I might be back with some Masters stuff, but it's a pretty quiet time right now.

Sunday 10 January 2021

Year end awards - still contemplating

Just a quick post to say that I've not forgotten about the year end awards post - I'd normally wait until after Lakeside, so while there is no Lakeside this year, I'm not too far behind, I'll probably put something up in the middle of next week.

I can't recall if they mentioned that the Masters was expanded this season since the last post. That's kind of an interesting development, it'll open up a bunch of moderately interesting games in the opening round when they have the games between #9 and #24, although I suppose the disappointing thing is that those players between 17 and 24, at least the bottom half of them, are a bunch of players woefully out of form that won't really add much value. Getting Bunting (at least on the basis of his worlds run), Whitlock, Clayton and King is a positive, but does adding Suljovic, de Zwaan, Dobey and Lewis add anything? I don't really know. Smith/Lewis, van den Bergh/Dobey and Gurney/de Zwaan should be fairly one sided, White/Suljovic might be a bit interesting.

The other additional players throw up some interesting ties - Cullen/Bunting should be worth a watch, Durrant/King is pretty darned intriguing (albeit Mervyn should win), de Sousa/Clayton isn't bad at all and Ratajski/Whitlock gives us a great WC rematch. It's a small pity that they're only best of 11 legs, but I suppose they're limited for time.

Tuesday 5 January 2021

2020 Year End Rankings

That looks to fit in the template. Looks like the highest ranked player from last year that isn't there this year is Richard North.

We should work out the Second and Third Division Darts competitors I guess. This is complicated by not knowing the tenth competitor, which we won't know until after the Masters, which they've extended to 24 players because reasons (I suppose if they need to rent a venue with a bunch of additional costs, then getting an extra session worth of ad revenue is fine). So I'm going to make a bunch of conditionals, in the likely event that someone I've picked gets called up to the main event, and list in brackets who would be the next entrant in line. As such, here we go:

Division 2

On last season's second division rankings: James Wade, Ian White (Krzysztof Ratajski)
On last season's third division rankings: Luke Humphries (Danny Noppert)
On year end FRH rankings: Dave Chisnall, Michael Smith, Krzysztof Ratajski, Joe Cullen (Daryl Gurney)
Wildcard one: Devon Petersen (highest ranked player in scoring not selected, Euro Tour winner)
Wildcard two: Damon Heta (second highest ranked player in scoring not selected, Pro Tour winner, dominant first year)
Wildcard three: Jonny Clayton (World Cup winner, top 20 in FRH ranking, third highest ranked player in scoring not selected)
(Wildcard four: Ryan Searle (rapidly improving, strong season and scoring))

Division 3

On last season's third division rankings: Josh Payne, Jeffrey de Zwaan (Ted Evetts)
World Youth Champion: Bradley Brooks
On year end FRH rankings: Dirk van Duijvenbode, Keegan Brown, Max Hopp, Adam Hunt (Steve Lennon)
Wildcard one: Keane Barry (winner of pretty much everything relevant at youth level, very solid senior record already)
Wildcard two: Callan Rydz (extremely high scoring at senior level, also now picking results up)
Wildcard three: Steve Lennon (highest ranked player not already selected, top calibre scoring, plenty of experience for this level)
(Wildcard four: Ryan Meikle (Development Tour winner, scoring not quite at the level of others selected as wildcards))

I think that covers all bases, I'll confirm the lineups in a results page once we know the tenth Premier League player. I could probably have waited until later this month, but wanted to get stuff down on "paper". Third division was tricky, we lost a bunch of players hitting 30 this year (Noppie was literally less than a week away from an auto berth), but I think the lineup looks alright. I'd like to find a way to dump Hopp and get Meikle in for sure, but I can't really do that, and I don't think that Meikle has done enough to outweigh what Rydz and Lennon have done at senior level, and Barry was only one place behind him on the Dev Tour, and I think clearly has a ton more potential.

Not sure what they're going to do in terms of calendar. The PDC that is. They've already said they're pushing the Premier League back until April at the earliest, which makes sense as I think they really need to have fans in attendance, even if it's a bit limited in the early stages. By that stage, any sort of restrictions should be an untenable position to have, but then again, us entering round three of the government murdering the economy as well as the populace isn't a tenable position either, so meh. I would guess that they have a Spring Series to get something like four Pro Tours in the bank soon after Q-School and have as many Euro Tour qualification events on one day as they can manage? It's equally odd that the current PDC calendar has the UK Open listed at the normal time of year, i.e. early March. How the hell are they going to have any sort of qualifiers for that?

Sunday 3 January 2021

We have our first Welsh world champion in nearly a year

Gezzy's done it. Thought he'd somehow fuck it up once he started missing all those doubles, but he finally got over the line. Gives us a 6% return on the tournament, which I'll take, could easily have been a little bit more but it's fair enough I guess.

New FRH rankings:

1 Gerwyn Price (UP 2)
2 Peter Wright (DOWN 1)
3 Michael van Gerwen (DOWN 1)
4 Gary Anderson (UP 10)
5 Dimitri van den Bergh
6 James Wade (DOWN 2)
7 Dave Chisnall (UP 5)
8 Jose de Sousa
9 Michael Smith (DOWN 3)
10 Rob Cross (DOWN 3)
11 Nathan Aspinall (DOWN 2)
12 Glen Durrant (DOWN 2)
13 Krzysztof Ratajski (UP 2)
14 Joe Cullen (DOWN 1)
15 Daryl Gurney (UP 1)
16 Ian White (DOWN 5)
17 Stephen Bunting (NEW)
18 Simon Whitlock (DOWN 1)
19 Jonny Clayton (DOWN 1)
20 Mervyn King (DOWN 1)

Bunting replaces Suljovic who is now two places outside the list, while Dirk van Duijvenbode is just one place outside the top 20 after his quarter final run.

I'm going to dump the top 100 changes from last year into a new post, but a couple of loose ends to tie up:

Congrats to royalblue for winning the fantasy by a clear margin from Paasei and AJF82 who tied for second place, AJF not getting quite enough from Price in the final to get over the line.

What the hell is that Premier League timewasting selection all about? After Price won, there was eight obvious as fuck selections:

van Gerwen, Price, Wright, Cross - automatic on OOM
Anderson - automatic on world final spot
Durrant - automatic on defending champion
de Sousa - automatic on winning a major
van den Bergh - automatic on winning a major

From there, it's a clusterfuck. There's probably around half a dozen players that could stake a claim to the last two spots. Nobody has a real outstanding case, probably Wade has the best case. So why do they just name one more player (and Aspinall of all people - is making the PL final and doing little else that big of a deal?), rather than just getting two names out of the way, or leaving two open to win? It's odd that the PDC's release says they'll name the player "after the Masters", which I'll assume is going to be behind closed doors some time next month - is the most insignificant tournament in the calendar really going to make a difference to their decision making?

If so, what exactly do they do if the first round winners include (looking at the bracket) Price, Anderson, Cross, Aspinall, van Gerwen, van den Bergh and Wright? Do they just give the spot to the winner of Chisnall/Gurney by default? I'd really, really love Ratajski to bink the event out of nowhere, just to see what the PDC would do...

Final bet

0.25u Price 4/5

This comes down to much of what I was thinking about in the previous post. Price is simply in better condition than Anderson, and will be able to go in three straight days in long matches. Look at the end of the Bunting game - last three sets were 3-1, 3-0, 3-1, he simply finished better. Couple in that the projections show Price winning 75%+ of the time on all data since the restart, and if you look at just this current event, nearly 65% of the time, taking 4/5 looks like the side to take. The only real danger is that Gerwyn recognises the enormity of the situation and chokes, but he doesn't really seem like he has that sort of mentality. If anything, Anderson might recognise that he may never get another chance as good as this to claim a third world title, and the pressure might get to him instead.

Couple of notes, some of these are a bit old - Q-School's been pushed back to early February, which seems fine to me, while the governments of the world are having an uptick in stupidity it's not the worst idea to wait a little bit. Premier League will be a straight ten players with no contenders - this also seems fine, it was an interesting gimmick for a couple of years, but keeping the numbers small in case they need to play some of it with restrictions seems a sensible option.

Who's going to be the ten though? Price, Wright and van Gerwen are in, Anderson will be in by right if he wins and will be hard to leave out regardless, you would think that Durrant, van den Bergh and de Sousa will be in having won major titles, that leaves three spots. If we go down by order of merit, we're looking at:

Cross - would be in if Anderson loses, assuming they keep the top 4 in by right, otherwise I think he's out
Chisnall - possibly? Worlds semi, Grand Prix semi, hasn't been in for a few years but the ranking is up there, would certainly shake things up a little bit and the scoring checks a few boxes
Aspinall - has he done enough on TV this season? He made the final this year but has otherwise been disappointing
Wade - got to be in with a shout. Two major finals, seemingly playing back to his best
Smith - another worlds choke probably cost him, Matchplay semi I doubt is enough?
Gurney - only really had a run at the worlds, seems tricky to make a case

We're then looking at those who've had a good season or good runs outside of the top 10 - next down on the list was White but he's not getting in. Ratajski is clearly good enough but he's not getting in either. Cullen and Bunting are the next two but I don't think they've done enough. You're then looking at the likes of a Petersen, van Duijvenbode, Heta, that sort of thing - but I think those'd work great as challengers, but not on the main tour.

Really hard to call. At least they've indicated they'll tell us tonight, so we can pick the second/third division soon after.

Saturday 2 January 2021

5-0. OK then...

Alright, I thought Chizzy might win, but like that? What the fuck?

Semis are now Bunting/Price and Chisnall/Anderson, I don't think too many people would have called those results at the outset, I think the only player that can really be disappointed is van Duijvenbode who really didn't show up and had a real dartitis feel about his game, was also incredibly concerning to see him twice deliberately hit a clear fat 20 with the second dart having hit treble the first starting on 180. Sure, van Gerwen will be disappointed, but he wasn't that bad, just a little bit off on scoring and missed a couple of key doubles. How good was that final leg of the fourth set though...

So, about today, we've got Price as a near 75/25 favourite against Bunting, and we've got Chisnall as a tiny 55/45 or there abouts favourite against Anderson. That seems I think fair enough - looking at the second game first (if only because I still had Dave selected in the master computer from yesterday), maybe Dave's a bit of a bigger favourite than that. I'm seeing about 65%. 8/11 is generally available, which equates to 58%. That's not quite enough for me, it'll probably be one I regret, but there's a few intangibles such as Ando having been here before, Chisnall not, Chisnall being in clearly the biggest match of his life, and maybe Chisnall doesn't react well to finally getting past van Gerwen for the first time in god knows how many trials. The other game is maybe underrating the favourite slightly, by about the same margin - I'm seeing a straight 80/20, and we can get 4/11, which is again about 7% lower than what I'm seeing. Again I can avoid, we're going to need to put on a decent amount to get a return, Price has already been in a few spots where he's nearly fucked it up, while Bunting is on a complete freeroll and, while it wasn't in the PDC, actually has the experience of winning this sort of long distance game. Price has never made a final here, and has the added pressure of now being the tournament favourite, and also getting to world number one in the process.

The one thing that may also come into play is stamina - at least in terms of the final. For every year since the Anderson > Lewis final in 2016, there's been a day's break in the proceedings, usually before the final but between the quarters and semis on one occasion. We've got nothing like that here - it's quarters, semis and final back to back to back. Will that favour someone like Price? Then again, the players in the top half weren't exactly in long games in the quarters, so if Chisnall/Anderson ends up being one sided one way or another, they're going to have somewhat of an edge in terms of amount of energy expended to get this far. Especially if it's Ando, he had that duel against Suljovic but has only dropped two sets apart from that. Maybe something to think about.

Friday 1 January 2021

QF bets

Going to have to be quick here:

Ratajski/Bunting - Krzysztof comes in correctly as a favourite in the 65/35 kind of range. That may be a slight underestimate on the projections, I'm seeing him as slightly over the 70% bracket, but I'm reluctant to bet for a couple of reasons. Firstly, this is unknown territory in terms of length of match for Ratajski, he's won the World Masters but those sets were only best of three legs. Secondly, this is a more important game for Ratajski, he can push into the top 10 in the world and perhaps make a case for a Premier League spot. Bunting's already done more than expected, and in having won Lakeside he's had experience of long set play events (as well as being a previous quarter finalist here). No bet.

Anderson/van Duijvenbode - Gary's the tiny favourite in the market at 5/6 with Dirk just odds against. That feels about right to me - the projections say 56% Anderson, which is close enough to make it a clear no bet. Dirk's come through three incredibly tight games and I wonder how much it's taken out of him, by comparison Gary only had the game against Suljovic which was a real tussle, Devon put up no resistance and while Razma played well to open up, Madars never really got into a spot where he could win the match. Chuck in Gary's added experience in this kind of spot and I think the line seems just fine.

Price/Gurney - Market is saying 70/30 Price in this one, which seems pretty much spot on. I'm seeing just shy of 75%. There's a few competing factors here - with the bottom half of the draw being opened wide up, the pressure is on Gerwyn to reach a first world final, but at the same time, Daryl has a huge opportunity to rescue a season and push back up towards the top ten, and has never been beyond this stage of the worlds himself. No bet here.

van Gerwen/Chisnall - Most one sided game in the market - van Gerwen is shorter than 1/4, but can he win more than 80% of the time? I really don't think so. He was pushed all the way by Cullen, and in terms of their scoring powers, Chisnall and Cullen are separated by just one hundredth of a point per turn, just with Dave being a bit more inconsistent, having the slightly better winning legs and slightly worse losing legs, which in set play isn't necessarily a disadvantage. 0.1u Chisnall 4/1, he's frankly close enough in quality that he should win this more than 30% of the time, the only worry is any psychological issue that may be there given the huge number of defeats MvG has put on Chisnall. Just look at the dartsdatabase head to head, it's not been updated in a while but it's not pretty reading.

That's the lot, be back later with semis.