Monday 8 January 2018

BDO - thoughts so far

So that preview didn't happen, there's simply so many players that I don't know about. That said, we've now got all the preliminaries out of the way, and are around half way through the first round proper, trimming the field down to the mid-20's from an initial starting number of 40. I'll have a quick look at who's played to date and is still in, and see what I think:

Durrant - seems fine, really had no trouble against Robson and slotted 6/9 legs in "par" of fifteen darts, keep that level up and it'll be hard to see who can stop him prior to the semi finals.

Thompson - got involved in a five set slugfest in his prelim, only managed 4/13 legs in par, was averaging under 80 in the legs Gilliland won, can't see that Fitton has too much trouble this evening.

Nilsson - we've seen him do well on the PDC European Tour, and while not showing those heights he was solid here, straight sets win with 4/9 par legs, would ideally like to put that up a bit against Williams in round two who's in form having finalled the Zuiderduin.

Waites - had a tough game against Montgomery and may well have been a bit fortunate, it was 10-9 in legs to Waites, only managing three in par (Montgomery managed four, although one of Waites' three par legs was a four visit kill), and averaging a mediocre 84 in the Montgomery winning legs. That may be enough in round 2, but after that, possibly not.

Harris - good god, he won 11 legs but only one was in fifteen darts. Only managed to average 72 in the legs the Turk won, whose numbers were even worse. Would think Reynolds will be far too strong third on tonight.

Mitchell - now here's the business. Had a tough opener against Labanauskas, but managed four twelve darters and a further five legs in five visits for 9/13 legs in par, and over 90 when losing. Labanauskas was equally solid, just a shame this was a first round match as by BDO standards this could easily have graced a semi final stage. Got to think Darius does go for the rumoured PDC switch now after this, but Mitchell on this form can bink Lakeside.

McGeeney - 3/13 legs in par? Sub-83 average when Adams was winning? If Adams could have even slightly pressured Mark (Martin averaged 76 when losing) then the BDO number 1 is out. Noppert should murder him if he doesn't pick his game up.

Noppert - has two games under his belt already, and has yet to drop a set. 5/9 legs in par in each round isn't really at the heights of last year, but you'd think he can pick this up, even so, if McGeeney doesn't increase his quality he likely won't need to.

Warren - apparently had seven perfect, and looked really good on the numbers - claiming nine legs, only one taking more than fifteen darts as he shrugged aside Wesley Harms. If he keeps playing like that then he could easily deal with Mandigers and give the Noppert/McGeeney winner issues.

Mandigers - whitewashed Kenny, hitting a just about respectable 5/9 legs in par, only the one real bad leg, but could certainly do with bringing an 81 average up when losing if he wants to put Warren under any pressure.

Telnekes - the relatively unknown Dutchman got through 3-0 yesterday, did stick in a four visit leg but only the two five visit legs to back it up. Did at least come through three deciding legs to show some clutchness, whatever that counts for, but losing those six legs with a sub 80 average isn't impressive and de Vos should get by tomorrow afternoon.

Unterbuchner - German qualifier who won through today against veteran Dave Cameron, 4/12 legs in par with a 77 average in the 11 legs he lost (actually better than Cameron's stat, believe it or not) should not trouble Hughes in the slightest.

Day - it is the same guy that made up the PDC numbers earlier in the decade, 4/9 par legs isn't too bad and he only lost the two legs all game, would have thought Caldwell could have pressed a bit more, I guess not.

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