Tuesday 2 January 2018

Post WC thoughts, Premier League thoughts, year end FRH rankings

Wow, what a performance by Rob Cross that was. Simply didn't give Taylor any chance whatsoever. Pity Phil couldn't pin that nine darter, oh well. Think it's been a really interesting tournament to see a lot of newer names progressing, which has resulted in big churn in the Premier League. Can't argue with any of the selections and it's the ten that I would have chosen - they've got numbers 1-12 from the FRH rankings excluding Taylor and Chisnall, which seems fine to me. Would have been a bit too early for Lewis or van den Bergh, and could probably have done their careers more harm than good, nobody else was making a compelling case. Darren Webster maybe, but that's about it.

Season is now up and here's the season end FRH rankings - LY indicates the position the player was at in the previous season:

TYLYNameFRH Points
11Michael van Gerwen1.13m
2NRRob Cross598k
33Peter Wright516k
47Phil Taylor380k
518Daryl Gurney333k
62Gary Anderson285k
78Mensur Suljovic251k
816Simon Whitlock224k
95Dave Chisnall202k
1014Michael Smith194k
119Raymond van Barneveld188k
1219Gerwyn Price179k
1317Alan Norris171k
1413Ian White166k
154James Wade166k
1627Darren Webster161k
1711Benito van de Pas157k
1812Kim Huybrechts155k
1910Jelle Klaasen146k
2023Joe Cullen144k
2121Stephen Bunting127k
226Adrian Lewis126k
2322Mervyn King123k
2430Kyle Anderson122k
2526Steve Beaton121k
2634Jamie Lewis118k
2739John Henderson118k
2850Jonny Clayton115k
2928Justin Pipe108k
3033Cristo Reyes106k
3115Robert Thornton104k
3237Steve West103k
3331James Wilson94.4k
3429Vincent van der Voort89.5k
3548Dimitri van den Bergh82.6k
3640Christian Kist78.8k
3735Chris Dobey71.7k
3844Jermaine Wattimena71.6k
3924Mark Webster70.8k
4025Brendan Dolan65.9k
4160James Richardson65.1k
4247Ronny Huybrechts64.9k
4357Jan Dekker63.4k
44NRRichard North55.5k
4553Keegan Brown55.4k
4636Robbie Green51.5k
4778Zoran Lerchbacher50.5k
4846Kevin Painter48.6k
49NRSteve Lennon45.2k
50NRAntonio Alcinas41.0k
5185Willie O'Connor40.7k
5232Jamie Caven40.6k
53NRPeter Jacques39.3k
5420Terry Jenkins38.8k
5555Ron Meulenkamp38.5k
56NRMartin Schindler38.1k
5751Devon Petersen37.9k
5838Max Hopp35.4k
59NRKrzysztof Ratajski35.1k
6042Joe Murnan30.9k
6154Jeffrey de Graaf30.8k
6245Josh Payne29.9k
6341Andrew Gilding28.0k
64NRTed Evetts27.7k
6543Rowby John Rodriguez26.0k
6652Mick McGowan25.5k
6765John Michael25.0k
6882Nathan Aspinall24.9k
6968Jeffrey de Zwaan23.6k
7049Ricky Evans22.5k
71NRGlen Durrant22.5k
7269Kim Viljanen22.1k
7372Berry van Peer21.5k
74NRRyan Searle21.5k
7591Darren Johnson21.0k
7661Andy Boulton20.9k
7796Mike de Decker20.7k
7871Michael Mansell20.5k
79NRPete Hudson19.5k
8062Dirk van Duijvenbode19.5k
81NRChris Quantock19.3k
82NRKevin Munch18.9k
83NRPaul Lim18.5k
84NRRobert Owen18.3k
85NRPaul Nicholson17.3k
8663Andy Jenkins17.1k
87NRJimmy Hendriks16.8k
8858Dave Pallett16.5k
8966Simon Stevenson15.9k
90NRDiogo Portela15.7k
91NRSteve Hine15.7k
92NRKirk Shepherd15.2k
93NRJamie Bain15.1k
94NRJeff Smith15.0k
9556Andy Hamilton14.6k
96NRRichard Corner14.1k
97NRMarko Kantele13.5k
9870Mark Walsh13.2k
9995Matt Clark13.2k
10093Yordi Meeuwisse13.2k

In total, that's a churn of 24 players, the highest ranked player form last year not to reappear being last season's number 59 Mark Frost (although he wasn't far off). Obviously Rob Cross is the highest new entrant, but three other players managed to crack the top 50 from outside last year.

So what for the FRH Second Division Darts for this season? I'm going to score it a little differently this year - rather than just taking the first result between players, I'm going to add up all the legs won and work out the percentage each wins against the other. If you're 75% or over, that's the full two points, 25% or under, zilch, and progressing linearly between the two. Who will we invite?

Four highest active players not playing in the Premier League - Dave Chisnall, Alan Norris, Ian White, James Wade
FRH Wildcards - Kyle Anderson, Adrian Lewis, Joe Cullen, Darren Webster, Jamie Lewis, Dimitri van den Bergh

That seems like a good selection. I was tempted to say that if Durrant went deep at Lakeside, switched and won his tour card that I'd invite him straight in, but that's a big combination of if's. For those that are high up that missed out, van de Pas, Huybrechts and Klaasen have done little all year and all crashed out of the worlds at the first hurdle, Bunting's getting back there but hasn't shown quite enough yet. Lewis at least showed the quality in the Matchplay and is probably the biggest name not in the Premier League proper, Anderson's won on TV and the tour, Webster and Cullen have had great years on tour and Webster also had a solid worlds, while the other Lewis and Dimitri crashed the worlds and made huge breakthroughs that I think warrant entry into this. I just hope Adie plays enough that he can match up frequently with these, but being out of the top 16 basically forces him to. Once we're under way I'll make a spreadsheet and put up a link in the links bar rather than post updates in here.

I hope to get some brief BDO analysis up later in the week, I also intend to shove the Premier League players through the master computer and project what'll happen in the first nine weeks.

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