Thursday 29 August 2019

ET10 round 1 bets

0.25u Anderson 21/20 vs Bunting, as mentioned in the previous post, Kyle's been putting up substantially better stats over the course of the year than Bunting has, over a shorter time period it's a bit closer but I do think Anderson is the better player.

Some micro World Trophy punts:

0.25u Taylor 3/4 vs Telnekes, Scott has put up some good performances in the PDC circuits this year, and I'm simply not convinced that Derk is more than a peripheral marginal top 16 BDO player.

0.25u Hogan 6/4 vs Harms, it's a short format and the sort of event that Hogan ought to perform well in, I fancy him to have the game to get home in this length of game.

0.25u Williams 2/5 vs Newton, still not seen Wes do a great deal in any event, BDO or PDC, and he's up against one of the top flight BDO players who won the Champion of Champions event just recently, should be just printing a tenth of a unit.

0.25u Kleermaker 10/11 vs Parletti, Dave's got himself up pretty high in the BDO rankings but I think Kleermaker's been hoovering up better points and is on more of an upward trajectory.

0.1u Gallagher 7/5 vs Gulliver, simply don't believe Trina still has it.

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