Tuesday 9 June 2020

German finals

We're powering down to the last round of the German Superleague next weekend after group B finished up, in one half we've got Clemens against Bilderl, who crept in with a last game victory over Langendorf to claim the last spot, then we have Kurz against M√ľnch, while in the other half big surprise winner Klose will face off against Unterbuchner, while Siepmann will play against Horvat. Let's post some stats up:

Surprising to me how high Bilderl finished up, so credit where it's due, but it's definitely highlighting that the top half of the draw is that much stronger with all of the top four players in overall average in that half. There's not a great deal of top quality going on, even Clemens is several points below his best, and out of the 1k+ legs we saw, we only saw 26 go in twelve or less, which is a fair bit off the pace. Still, you only improve while playing competitive games, there's plenty on the line and not a huge deal to choose between them. There were a few decent spots last weekend - Kohnlein's performance against Bilderl was very good, Horvat had a nice couple of cameos against Langendorf (but lost), with the finals day being longer hopefully the standard will improve.

Still waiting on Pro Tour news, hopefully we get something tomorrow, meanwhile Richard Veenstra condemned Paul Hogan to a second RDL final defeat, seemed like a competent enough standard throughout. Didn't actually watch it, I'll probably catch up tomorrow although Richard's stream quality didn't seem the greatest so I'll see how it goes. If we do get some PDC news, I'll probably post tomorrow with thoughts.

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