Saturday 8 August 2020

Couple of quick comments

I've got round to updating the second and third division darts pages following the Summer Series and Matchplay. The third division is unchanged, the only games was Humphries and Noppert repeating the same score they had earlier this year, while in the second, there was at least a few games, Dobey managing to climb up into second with wins over Dimitri, Adie and Jose fitting in between a couple of losses, White still leads by a clear point and Ratajski rounds out the top three. Our newest major champ is fourth, although his win over Lewis was one of only two games that affected the standings, the other being Mensur's first round win over Jamie Hughes. Suljovic is off the bottom now, although only a tiny amount above Adie, who only added those two losses listed.

Other news of note is that Mike van Duivenbode is taking a break from the game, seemingly he has some sort of injury that he can't shake. Seems like a sensible enough move - he's almost certainly losing his tour card at the end of the season, so playing through an injury in what remains of the year for little probable gain appears extremely sensible. Pity when this sort of thing happens to someone fairly young, hopefully the break will allow him to get where he needs to be, and maybe we see him either at Q-School or in next year's Dev Tour.

One thing I would recommend listening to is the special Weekly Dartscase Alex put together on the county scene (or, right now, lack of it) - it makes for fairly troubling listening in that you've got three competing interests that appear on it (not counting the whole MAD thing), fragmentation of the grass roots game really isn't what's needed right now, I think what we'll see is the entirety of it consolidating into one thing within a year or so, but what direction that is remains to be seen. At least even the BICC guy was aware enough to distance between the higher level arm of the BDO (the one that's going broke), but we all knew the counties ran themselves away from them in any case.

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