Sunday 8 January 2023

And when I say possibly Thursday, I mean Sunday

Whoops. Oh well. Here's the end of season FRH top 100:

Have gone with top 32, 33-64 then the remainder. No real good way to format it otherwise. Extending to the top 128 would make things a bit too wide, extending it down more rows would make it too deep. Players are colour coded according to tour card status for 2023 as of right now - obviously we get Q-School starting tomorrow, but that's where things are at as of today. Final column of each section is change from the previous year, should be fairly self explanatory. We've got sixteen new players, that means we've had sixteen drop out, most from the bottom quarter of the previous year, but Glen Durrant (from #33, ouch), Steve West, Chas Barstow, Max Hopp, Nick Kenny, Ryan Murray, Boris Koltsov, Matt Edgar, Gordon Mathers, Wayne Jones, Andy Hamilton, Jelle Klaasen, James Wilson, Diogo Portela, Paul Lim and John Michael have gone.

One thing that would have been interesting to note is how much each of the money requirements for, say, the top 32, top 64 etc have changed over the last year as a result of having a full Euro Tour schedule and some increased prize money in other events. But I forgot to make note of the actual point values as of end of 2021. Oops.

All eyes turning to Q-School now. I've posted up my picks already, go for Twitter if you want to see them. Not gone for anything hugely controversial I don't think, but it'll be good to see which out of leftfield names we will see coming through the field. I'll not be taking bets on the Wednesday PDC write-up, which will be "Sherrock advances/eliminated (delete as appropriate) blah blah blah" 100% of the time.

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