Monday 26 February 2024

UK Open buildup starting

Well, I did say "probably" in terms of whether I'd come back, but the amount of time I've had to look at all things darts of late has been relatively minimal, so I didn't get back immediately. I could have done a round up post rounding up everything, but it really wouldn't tell us a massive amount as it would look something like:

- Nobody was expecting Littler to be Shepherd 2.0, but he's not Shepherd 2.0
- Searle is playing really well
- Ando is still elite
- Bottenberg may have been a fluke
- Jansen dropping off the tour might be the best thing to happen to him
- Barry doing a good job reminding us that he still exists
- Pilgrim is still one of the best handful of players without a card
- Still too many WDF events with no real data
- While I don't really care about the world seniors, Hendo winning it is cool

So it's UK Open week. I will not be doing power rankings as I did last year, I will be looking at each "pod" of players in rounds 1-3 and getting bets up that I can get up by Thursday, and will be doing the live in play thoughts/bet adding on the Friday. Round 4 post will follow, round 5 post will follow Saturday morning, if not late Friday evening, there won't be a round 6 post as I'll be at football, then quarters will follow Saturday night or Sunday morning, if there's any value at all at that stage.

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