Sunday 26 February 2017

Players Championship 1/2, UK Open bets

Interesting weekend of darts, with van Gerwen giving it a miss on top of the expected absence of Taylor, this opened things up for a few players, with Alan Norris capitalising for what I believe to be his third PDC ranking title, over the surprise package of Peter Jacques, while today's event saw the top two players that entered, Peter Wright and Gary Anderson, clashing in the final, with Anderson coming out on top in a one-sided final. Adie hit a nine but lost in the first round, but who else shall we give credit to?

Best weekend long performance - quite a few people outperformed their relative rankings, Wade didn't quite but a semi and a quarter is a solid weekend's work, Michael Smith made two quarters, Gurney made a semi and a last 16, Reyes made a quarter and a last 16, quite a lot of random names were also able to make at least the last 32 twice including Steve West, Chris Dobey, Jan Dekker, Dave Pallett and Zoran Lerchbacher. I think I'll give it to Smith, as he continues to rebuild form.

Best tournament long performance - has to be Peter Jacques with a final out of nowhere. Literally not even on my ranking board prior to this weekend, the non tour card holder produced a string of big shocks, Nicholson, Payne and O'Connor not being that surprising, but beating Anderson, Smith and Wade certainly is. Norris can certainly take a lot of credit for his win, Robert Owen also had a great run to the quarters today, knocking out Bunting, Jacques, Cross and Kellett.

Best single match performance - Anderson's been pretty dominant, running off a ton of unanswered legs, don't want to give two awards to Jacques, quite a few first round contenders today as Chisnall, Suljovic and Whitlock were all top five seeds to fall - I think I'll give it to Gary Anderson for his final against Peter Wright, he was that dominant.

Worst weekend long performance - Bunting, easily. Losing first round to Wes Newton and Robert Owen isn't a good look.

Worst single match performance - I'll go for a tie between Whitlock and Suljovic today, losing 6-3 to Darren Johnson and Joe Murnan respectively. I'd expect them both to come through that one. Lewis being able to hit a nine darter and still lose 6-3 to Henderson is also worth mentioning

Updated live top 20 rankings:

1 Michael van Gerwen
2 Gary Anderson
3 Peter Wright
4 James Wade
5 Dave Chisnall
6 Adrian Lewis
7 Raymond van Barneveld
8 Phil Taylor
9 Mensur Suljovic
10 Jelle Klaasen
11 Benito van de Pas
12 Kim Huybrechts
13 Michael Smith (UP 1)
14 Ian White (DOWN 1)
15 Simon Whitlock
16 Alan Norris (UP 1)
17 Robert Thornton (DOWN 1)
18 Daryl Gurney
19 Gerwyn Price
20 Terry Jenkins

We now have all the information that we're going to get and there's enough bookmakers listing odds that I'll post up the round 1/2 bets for the UK Open. Will not be able to put up any official bets for round 2 matches that are dependent on round 1 results due to work commitments, but I should be able to get round 3 up on the Friday evening. So here goes:

0.5u Kamphuis 8/11 vs Meikle
0.25u Green 8/13 vs Pilgrim
0.5u Hogan evs vs Brown
0.25u Ferrell 13/10 vs Murray
0.5u de Graaf 1/2 vs Bates
0.5u Edhouse 8/13 vs Hewson
0.5u Pallett 4/5 vs Jenkins
0.5u Michael 10/11 vs Hudson
0.5u Kellett evs vs van Duijvenbode
0.5u Johnson 6/5 vs de Zwaan
0.5u Lerchbacher 8/11 vs Dennant
0.25u Biggs 10/3 vs Meeuwisse
0.5u Shepherd evs vs Barilli
0.25u Walsh 8/11 vs Carroll
0.25u Harvey 8/11 vs Davis
0.25u Pass 2/1 vs Parletti

Not finding a great deal of favourable big underdog matchups, just quite a few lines between evenly matches players per the bookies which I think may be a bit more one sided to my player than the line suggests. Should be an entertaining event.

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