Wednesday 1 February 2017

The Curious Case of Corey Cadby

Of course, once the Masters started, all the stats on the PDC site reappeared. Thanks for that. I've now added the Players Championship Finals and the European Championship to the master computer, and will add other events in in due course.

Looking at those figures below, there's quite a lot of names you'd expect. But what about Cadby? A lot of people, myself included, expected him to go to Q-School, but he hasn't, so what now?

I think there's a huge case to play the BDO circuit. While those stats are based off a total of 24 legs played, I don't think there's a significant risk of huge decline in them due to sample size. We've seen him beat Taylor on TV, we've seen him put up an obscene average against Wright on TV, we've seen him win the world youth, and the likes of Schindler/van den Bergh/van Peer aren't bad players to have knocked out. Even if his 12 darter percentage dropped to a possibly more sensible level of 15-20% or so, these are better figures than anyone did in the BDO worlds. So why not, while you're able to do so, qualify for that one and have a very live chance of taking down the £100k prize, which will surely allow you to attack the PDC circuit with a lot more security?

Looking at who qualified from the Australian merit table, this should be easy enough through that, if he doesn't opt to go for other events. It's a bit late for the Dutch Open, but there are surely plenty of opportunities to go for opens with a lot of ranking points and combine them with Development Tour weekends. He has 20 grand in the bank minus expenses/tax/PDPA tax etc so he should be able to, and can easily add to that knowing he is in the Grand Slam for this year. I think he's already well ahead of that the DPA circuit can do, so why not test yourself against the best of the other side? I'm not sure on the specifics, but I wouldn't have thought that playing the DPA events would limit BDO eligibility. Certainly something to think about.

At the other end of the career spectrum, I don't get why Terry Jenkins has not entered the UK Open qualifiers taking place this weekend. I get why he wants to not play the floor and just play the TV events - but you need to qualify for them. Obviously this will help with the UK Open, but right now he is outside the top 16, so would need to rely on the Pro Tour to qualify for anything. His work last year currently sees him in 5th for Matchplay qualification, but less then 9k above the last man out right now. He is outside the Grand Prix qualification spots. I've got him at about £110k as to what would count for the worlds qualification if he plays nothing else - which might get you in, but not by much. Why not play these which effectively count double for qualification?

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