Wednesday 25 January 2017

PDC Worlds stats report

Finally finished. Thanks to all those people who uploaded matches to Youtube in the continual whack-a-mole game that is attempting to remove copywritten material. So, the results are:

Category             |sub 12|sub 15|sub 18|losing leg average
Round 1/Prelim losers|05.20%|40.52%|82.16%|82.67
Whole comp           |14.64%|59.26%|91.42%|89.03
Last 32 players      |16.91%|63.77%|93.65%|91.95
Last 16 players      |19.68%|66.95%|94.53%|94.25
Quarter final players|21.77%|70.30%|95.94%|97.61

Compare and contrast these figures to the BDO as a whole. Obviously van Gerwen being amazing inflates things to some extent, but not much - he only won 100 legs, and the comp only had about 1300-1400 or so.

Which individual players, outside of those already listed in that Premier League info post below, did well? I can tell you that as well. For the winning legs, I've taken 10 legs as a minimum, so you don't get someone hitting one 12 darter in a first round loss skewing the figures. Jeffrey de Graaf, I'm looking in your direction. For losing average, anything goes, as everyone's lost a bunch of legs.

Most 12 darters:
Darren Webster 28.57% (10/35)
Corey Cadby 28.57% (4/14)
Joe Cullen 23.08% (3/13)
John Henderson 23.08% (3/13)
Terry Jenkins 22.22% (6/27)
Cristo Reyes 20.83% (5/24)
Benito van de Pas 18.42% (7/38)
Chris Dobey 14.29% (3/21)
Michael Smith 11.90% (5/42)
Robert Thornton 10.53% (2/19)

Most 15 darters:
Cristo Reyes 75% (18/24)
Darren Webster 71.43% (25/35)
Chris Dobey 66.67% (14/21)
Corey Cadby 64.29% (9/14)
Dimitri van den Bergh 63.64% (7/11)
Benito van de Pas 63.16% (24/38)
Robert Thornton 63.16% (12/19)
Steve Beaton 62.5% (10/16)
Brendan Dolan 62.5% (10/16)
Daryl Gurney 61.54% (32/52)

Most 18 darters:
Darren Webster 100% (35/35)
Terry Jenkins 100% (27/27)
Chris Dobey 100% (21/21)
Steve Beaton 100% (16/16)
Simon Whitlock 100% (15/15)
Corey Cadby 100% (14/14)
John Michael 100% (11/11)
Cristo Reyes 95.83% (23/24)
Mensur Suljovic 95.24% (20/21)
Benito van de Pas 94.74% (36/38)

Best average in losing legs:
Simon Whitlock 101.54 (13 legs)
Dimitri van den Bergh 96.15 (12)
James Wilson 95.84 (9)
Cristo Reyes 95.12 (24)
Alan Norris 94.50 (23)
Corey Cadby 92.96 (10)
Brendan Dolan 92.58 (16)
Benito van de Pas 92.30 (36)
Daryl Gurney 91.96 (44)
Darren Webster 91.24 (31)

Read into these what you will. Some honourable mentions - Gurney and Smith had above 92% on the 18 darters over a much bigger sample than a lot that didn't get into a situation where they could win in 19 darts or more, White had over 60% in 15 or less in 28 legs. Read into these what you will.

It's the Masters this weekend. I doubt I'll be watching - I'll be in the pub Friday and away all day Saturday. I really don't see the point in this event - it's unranked, and it's really just a payday for the top 16. Don't we have enough of these already? We've got the Premier League starting imminently where we can watch 10 out of these 16 every single week. We have half of these face off in umpteen World Series events. Why not bin it and do something else? Someone on Twitter suggested a Ryder Cup-style event, UK versus the world. That'd be a lot more interesting. Why not a pairs event? We only ever see that in the World Cup, the only use of which is to scout rarely seen foreign players. Why not eliminate the last two players from the Premier League, and have a two day double elimination event for the last two spots? I'd be much more interested in seeing Huybrechts/Klaasen/Suljovic (if he wanted it)/van de Pas/Gurney/Whitlock etc face off.

As an aside, it was nice of the PDC to remove a huge chunk of the benefits of PDPA membership right after entries for Q-School closed. What exactly are they gaining from eliminating their ability to play in the European Tour qualifiers? These things don't last long anyway as there's so many qualifiers and so many boards. If someone wants to pony up £100 or whatever it costs to play nowadays, let them. If you need to pay a marker for an extra hour or so, then it comes out of their entry fees. Or, for that matter, the collective 100 grand you pocketed from Q-School entry money minus the cost of hiring a few tennis courts for a week.

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