Tuesday 24 January 2017


I don't track a bunch of darts stats for the sake of it, I do it for the purposes of making a few quid on the side. Over the past couple of years I've posted my picks on the 2+2 darts thread (in the sporting events forum, there isn't a single non-troll left in sports betting) and am doing OK so far. I started tracking from the 2015 worlds (the first Anderson win), and the first year was mediocre - of 142 bets, I was 66-76 and down 1.25 units for a -1.05% ROI. The following year, I cut out some of the stuff that wasn't working (you will not see me tipping anything for the Premier League or anything unranked in general), and was up 6.41 units off 163 bets, 79-84 for +5.98% ROI. This could have been better but for a horrific Grand Prix (notably having Suljovic lose a deciding leg to Gurney, and Wright losing to Dolan, both for multiple units), and also having a huge accident trying to buy money with Taylor over Webster in a dead rubber, oh well. So far this year, which just consists of the worlds, I'm down less than a unit off of 29 bets. Anything going forwards will be posted up here in big bold letters, for ease of people scanning. I'll add a running total to the sidebar but don't expect to see anything before the UK Open, as there's nothing to bet on. Although do keep an eye out for that, as that has historically been my best tournament by a country mile. Odds posted will be the best available from reputable books on oddschecker at the time of posting - if you're not line shopping you're going broke, I'll ignore obvious misprices that never get paid out ever. If you're wondering why I'm up despite being down in terms of wins/losses, that's simply down to my belief that there's more parity in the game than bookmakers will give credit for, which can be exploited over the moderately short formats that flood the PDC calendar. This was somewhat seen in the worlds - all of Evans, Michael Smith, Dobey, West and Lerchbacher win the games they lost more often than the odds suggested and I was on every single one of them.

Nearly done with the stats for the PDC worlds. I've got seven games to go and only need to pay attention to one player in each of them.

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