Wednesday 11 January 2017


I haven't watched any of the BDO finals as of yet - working when it's on Channel 4 and not having BT Sport scuppers any chances of that, but it's always been a perennial debate as to the quality of the two organisations. Fortunately, the BDO website is putting up turn by turn scorecards for all of the games, which is nice of them (compared to the PDC, who rather than taking something from Darts for Windows and putting it into a PDF, use a much better than the old system but still mediocre flash based site. And then remove the information a week after the tournament).

So what I can do to compare the two is to do the sorts of stats that I list in the previous post - incredibly easy given that the BDO data is presented in a much easier to use fashion (when there - I'm compiling the remaining third of the PDC data watching the matches back on Youtube lol). I'll take the quarter finals onwards and see what the data looks like and how it compares. I don't see the value in comparing everything in its entirety - I just want to get a read on how the top players do against other top players in decent length matches, chuck the stats in a blender then see what level PDC player they come looking out like. We've already seen that in short format games the top guys can do well - the BDO participants in the Slam generally put up a good showing this year with 5 getting out (Adams did great the year before and we can excuse maybe not being so good this time around, Waites has won the thing in the past, Mitchell isn't exactly a mug), but getting actual good data will be interesting.

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