Tuesday 31 October 2017

Random bunch of stats

Have added a couple of links to the links section, could probably use tidying up. I wanted to add someone else who'd posted a few links on Twitter but can't find him, although I think he's changed the title of his blog and it's on there under its current name (and I sure as hell am not searching my internet history for "darts"). Have also corrected the date for when the betting tracking is accurate to as I forgot.

The worlds seeds are looking pretty safe given Kist's injury, so a quick bunch of stats for the seeds on what they've done so far this season (i.e. after the worlds and in ranked stage matches):

Legs played:

Legs won:

Legs won to legs lost comparison:

Finishing speed (blue = four or less visits (hi Kyle!), red = five visits, yellowy-orange = six visits, green = seven or more visits, sorted by 15 or less dart legs:

Average points per turn:

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