Saturday 22 July 2023

Matchplay semis

Real quick post, I see nothing on the semi final. Perhaps Cullen is fractionally underrated longer term and Aspinall fractionally underrated in the short term, and perhaps Humphries is even more fractionally underrated full stop, although a touch more in longer term stats - while Clayton does pull it closer Humphries is outperforming market value regardless. Still, in none of these are we getting remotely close to anything we would call value, gun to the head and I'd call it a Humphries/Aspinall final but, as we expected, with no value in the quarters and the markets generally agreeing with where everyone's levels are at, it's no surprise to see the same here. It is interesting to see that the three matches where were marginal differences in projections due to sample sizes all saw the player with the better results in the shorter term all win, but it's no big deal. Nothing here, and naturally I doubt we see anything in the final either.

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