Sunday 3 September 2017

Maastricht day 3

Busy all day yesterday - was able to have a quick look at the odds and didn't see anything I liked though, so didn't post, today should be very interesting following the seedocalypse, opening things wide open. Was fine with my bets, Searle really should have got it done up 5-3 with the darts, Ceder at least kept it close, Robinson not so much. Today we have:

van Gerwen/Anderson - this top quarter of the draw is unbelievably stacked, at least compared to the rest - Anderson's 6/1 which seems like it's worth a micro play - 0.1u Anderson 6/1, two 100 averages isn't bad at all, while van Gerwen could easily win the throw and go 15-12-15 and be 3-0 up within five minutes, I think Anderson keeps this close enough that it's worth a bet.

Gurney/Aspinall - Aspinall's done well here to put himself in the Hasselt picture, a 6-1 win over an out of sorts van de Pas is still good, Nathan played well enough that he should have beaten Benito in better form as well. Gurney's got through with a solid win over Steve West, if Aspinall repeats form this could be a corker, think the market is a bit too much in favour of Gurney but not enough to punt.

Smith/Cullen - Two seeds against each other here, Smith looking comfortable against a bad Rowby-John Rodriguez, while Cullen needed every leg to edge out Jimmy Hendriks, Smith will need to up his game but should do, line seems fine at about 60/40 Smith.

Whitlock/Owen - Owen is having a good weekend, with a whitewash of Jamie Bain and then edging out Cristo Reyes with a 120 out in the deciding leg, while Whitlock got through a decent quality encounter with Kirk Shepherd. Owen is listed as a big dog, he may need to be a bit cleaner on doubles to realise his chances but I think that they're there - 0.25u Owen 16/5.

Wright/Cross - Winner of this one really should reach the final given how the rest of the half has collapsed, it's 60/40 Wright in the markets, Cross had no trouble with Jamie Lewis while Wright survived a match dart against Jim Walker where he averaged well below 90. Line looks alright so I'll leave it alone.

Kist/Ratajski - Two non-seeds here with Kist having the homefield advantage, round 1 Kist needed every leg to edge past Justin van Tergouw, while Ratajski whitewashed Steve Lennon, yesterday Kist got through 6-4 over Kim Huybrechts while Ratajski pounded in the tons with a 6-3 win over Jelle Klaasen. Odds have Kist as a tiny favourite, and it should be very even.

Henderson/de Decker - Two more non seeds, Hendo having come through a tough game against Ronny Huybrechts before seeing off Ian White, while de Decker damaged the Dublin hopes of Richard North and then needed a decider against Alan Norris. Hendo's probably the better player with the better performance, but it's not a big deal, and the line having him at not quite a 65% favourite looks accurate enough to ignore.

Beaton/Schindler - Beaton's got through 6-4 over Nico Blum in a mediocre game and then 6-3 over Mensur Suljovic, averaging around 85-86 both times, while Schindler came through Chris Quantock and survived three match darts to beat Gerwyn Price. Beaton isn't playing great, but the line is such that I think it's worth a small play - 0.25u Beaton 4/5.

Will look through the previous games now whilst watching the above matches, and hopefully be back for quarter final analysis.

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