Thursday 14 December 2017

Do you know why this blog is called Fire Rod Harrington?

Someone in the Sky studios (think it was Dave Clark) asks Rod, in the run up to the Gerwyn Price - Ted Evetts game about how the Development Tour is bringing players through.

Now, we'll ignore the fact that Evetts made it here on account of winning through the last gasp qualifier that is applicable for all main tour players, and is nothing to do with his form on the Development Tour (although he at least plays it and ended up fifth), but Rod then goes on to mention a few players, including Chris Dobey.

Here's a quiz for you - which is higher - the number of Development Tour events that Chris Dobey has played in his life, or the number of times that Harrington in his diatribe mentioned Luke Humphries, the winner of the tour that Clark has explicitly asked him about, which has got Humphries to this event and surely must have occurred to him in his research?

It's a tie. Zero.

Anyways, Price got us off to a winning start for the season, it seems as if Kist has shrugged off his injuries to some extent which is great to see and we hope he can have an injury free 2018 and try to push up to the top 21, Ratajski/Wilson was a decent gritty game where I think Wilson showed enough class to get through it, Beaton/O'Connor seemed awful, just seemed a quite underwhelming opening day of matches.

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