Sunday 17 December 2017

Quick afternoon session comments

- Lewis looked outstanding. As I've commented on Twitter, he managed five four visit kills, two more than anyone else at this stage (admittedly he did have a prelim match, but he only got the one there, if you just consider round one he still leads the field), he's managed to get the highest score in each round in fantasy which is out of nowhere. Will need to keep things going like that to stand any chance in a rematch from last year against Wright, but if Wright's health issues mean he's not fully on then it's perfectly possible.
- Happy with the Viljanen bet. It needed a few things to go right, there wasn't much he could have done in the first set, but he had the shot to win the second and couldn't take it out, really disappointing to be broken twice in six visits from a 2-0 position. If he grabs that set I think Norris gets quite nervy, but we'll never know, Alan's probably going to have to up his game in the next round regardless of who he plays.
- Kyle Anderson did enough to get home but didn't look quite on. Jacques didn't do too badly, was pretty impressed with his adjustment to the treble 20 on several occasions after a duff first dart, if his first dart was clicking you can see what he has and why he managed to get to that Pro Tour final, a lot of his doubles didn't miss by much.
- Clayton was unbelievably disappointing. Maybe the hype train caught up with him, looking back at things he had little chance in the first set, the second could have been there but he threw away both his legs on throw, Jamie offered him no opportunities in the third set and cleaned up beautifully in the final leg.

Will probably give the prelim game a miss tonight, may try and get back for the Wade match, definitely fancy the Chisnall game.

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