Thursday 7 December 2017

World Championship Fantasy Darts

It's finally here, the competition everyone has been waiting for, it's the first annual PDC World Championship Fantasy Darts Competition!

The rules are simple - you have a budget of 180 points, from which you need to pick a minimum of 3 players and a maximum of 12 players. Your players will score points dependent on what they do during the world championship as follows:

Serious categories:
Win a set - 5 points
Lose a set but win legs in it - 1 point for each leg won
180 - 2 points
121-160 out - 2 points
161+ out - 3 points
Nine dart finish - 9 players

Comedy categories:
Signs the board - 2 points
Refuses to sign the board when asked - 5 points
Swears in a post match interview - 2-5 points, scoring judged by the FRH dubious language panel based on artistic impression and technical merit
Punches the dartboard Colin Lloyd style - 5 points, with a bonus 5 points if it causes them to withdraw through injury
Cries on stage - -3 points
Following the elimination of Phil Taylor, changes walk-on music to Arcade Fire's 2005 hit single (well, number 26) Neighbourhood #3 (Power Out) - 100 points

To enter, select your elite squad of darting geniuses and either:
- Post your entry in the comments below
- Either reply to the announcement post on Twitter or DM me @jtuk
- If reading from 2+2, post your entry in the random darts thread or PM me

You can change your lineup at any time until the closing date - if one of your players withdraws after the closing date then you will get points for his replacement.

All comedy category scoring needs evidence - if I see it I'll score it but I won't be watching every minute of the event, I'm not going to pay out if someone says that Schindler used a naughty German word on sport1 without at least seeing it on Youtube.

You have until 5pm UK time on kickoff day which is the 14th, so you have basically a week to enter.

Your runners and prices are as follows:

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