Tuesday 9 July 2019


Real quick quarter by quarter glance before getting into more in depth analysis later:

- The van Gerwen quarter is not particularly pretty for van Gerwen - Beaton isn't the worst first round draw he could have got, but getting both Durrant and de Zwaan in the mix is really not nice. Suljovic can't really complain about Wattimena, he's occasionally dangerous but Mensur's dodged one of the bigger bullets.

- The Anderson quarter could be a lot worse. Noppert's not an easy out for the defending champion by any means, just on the numbers this year he's one of the five or six trickiest ties he could have drawn, but Mervyn ought not to threaten Aspinall that much, and I think Hopp would be similar with Chisnall. Jamie Hughes on the other hand is very much a danger and can easily take Smith down in current form - if not the whole quarter.

- A few interesting ties in the Cross quarter. Dobey is in the upper half of qualifiers in terms of quality if you ask me and will certainly test the former world champ, Ratajski is an absolutely brutal draw for Webster, Darren would probably go off as underdog against most opponents but getting the Pole would be in the top three to avoid. Then you've got a couple of players who are in the lower tiers in terms of averaging - Cullen and Bunting are the two lowest scoring qualifiers this season, and while Bunting hit a bit of form recently and Cullen last hit a bit of form here twelve months ago, the combination of Price and White would be delighted with who they've got as they line up a highlight second round tie.

- Finally we have the Gurney quarter - still seems weird that he's the #3 seed. He's got Ricky Evans and should be fine, Clayton against Brown ought to be fairly close, John Henderson's got possibly the best draw outside of Webster any qualifier could have got in Simon Whitlock, while Wright against van der Voort should be a decent competitive game.

I'm going to chuck up a series of posts, probably quarter by quarter - chances of each player to get through each round, some rolling averages and other stats, that type of thing. I might get the first one out tonight.

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