Sunday 2 January 2022

Semi finals

The post Christmas betting continues to be a total loss with King not showing up at all in possibly the worst quarter final since, well, I don't know, Barney against Baxter in the year Whitlock made the final? It was a stinker. Anderson/Humphries were OK, while the evening session had a couple of classics. Downside is that all the people I wanted to win were eliminated, and I really want whoever wins out of Wade/Smith to take the title now. Also seems as if the Premier League picks itself, if it isn't the four semi finalists, the three major winners not there, then van Gerwen as well as JdS/DvdB by default, i.e. what is just going to be the worlds top ten by default, then either they bring back the contenders (how do they cut to nine though?) or give it a major shake up. The latter seems unlikely given they're already billing night nine as judgment night on the calendar.

So, today. Wade/Smith looks to see Michael have slightly more than a two in three shot season long. He's 4/11, this seems slightly too short, but there's not enough edge on Wade at 12/5, particularly given how he's played. Ando/Wright looks to be hugely in favour of Peter, Anderson has played decently well, but we can get better than 1/2 on Wright and the projection I have gives him more than three chances in four, so 0.25u Wright 8/15 looks like the only play to make.

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