Friday 8 September 2023

It's fast, it's furious, it's the ready money round

Gilding/Razma - no, Madars maybe slightly undervalued
de Sousa/de Decker - no
Ratajski/Evans - no
Rock/van Dongen - no, if you think Jules is playing much better than he's ever done before I don't completely hate a flyer
Searle/Doets - no
Noppert/Slevin - no, if anything Danny's edge may be understated
Cross/Raman - no, thought that the one market I'm scanning might be undervaluing Brian, but it's not
Cullen/Bunting - no, maybe it's underrating Stephen slightly but not by much
van Duijvenbode/van de Griendt - hard to say just how much Dirk is favoured here but lol at touching this one
Wright/Menzies - 0.25u Menzies 2/1, Cameron is arguably the better player right now, take 365's line
Heta/Hempel - Markets might be overvaluing Florian on paper, but slightly better of late plus crowd makes me fine with it
Humphries/Pietreczko - I mean Ricardo shouldn't be 4/1, but he shouldn't be shorter than 3/1, no thanks
Chisnall/Woodhouse - Luke is ever so slightly closer than the 2/1 that is available, but it is ever so slight so no bet, don't touch Dave
Aspinall/van Veen - Feels like a true flip, 11/8 on Gian is getting close to a play, 6/4 would be a go
Schindler/Gurney - Bookies can't split them, neither can I
Smith/Plaisier - Limited data on Wesley, what I have says he's overvalued in the market, but I think that's misleading, he did look alright today

Just one play, but it looks like a really obvious form based shot.

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