Tuesday 18 February 2020

Scoring from PC 1-4

Some brief stats now that I've got Players Championship 3 and 4 into the master computer. Let's pick the top 32 and the bottom 32 players in points per turn (so roughly the top and bottom quarters of the size of the field). First, the top 32:

Any surprises there? Well we know Peter Wright's been playing really well. de Sousa and Humphries have been pretty unfortunate so far. Benito van de Pas being up there is a bit of a surprise, looking at his losing average, maybe he's due a bit of a run. Of new card holders, Lowe, Smith and Heta are making good running. Luke Woodhouse is continuing decent form from last year, as I keep saying, Dirk van Duijvenbode is playing really well, meanwhile if there was a random Dutch guy who won his card that I'd expect to sneak in from nowhere, it wouldn't be van der Meer (but Kuivenhoven isn't far off). At the bottom:

This is somewhat slanted by getting a few Challenge Tour call ups, but there's quite a few players you'd be surprised to see. James Wilson seems to have fallen back off a cliff. Daryl Gurney, what are you doing? Max Hopp is a bit out of form as well. I'd have thought Kantele and Telnekes would be a bit higher given they've had some OK performances, I guess not.

One little bit of news that's come out today is that Dimitri van den Bergh's been given an invite to the Copenhagen World Series event, along with the big four, Sherrock, Aspinall and Ando. This is a really strange one to me, and seems horrific timing given that Dimitri only just got his first win of the year on account of drawing Aaron Beeney in the first round on Sunday, and isn't even the top scoring Belgian this year - he can dance, sure, but if you're looking for someone continental to have a shot, why not plug Ratajski in? Why not plug de Sousa in? Give Clemens more than just the German installment perhaps? He had a good worlds, fair enough, but he's had at least one shot at one of these previously, and while he's been getting better, probably shouldn't be at the front of the queue in my book. Oh well, what can you do.

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