Tuesday 25 February 2020

UK Open first gut feelings

These are in no way intended to be tips, but I'm just going to throw out what I think will happen at this stage:

Ashton section is pretty tight and interesting. Think Meikle has the edge, but de Decker's quality, Koltsov if he shows up can beat anyone here but could easily lose first round, Borland's an interesting wildcard.

Heta section should be his but this is full of ridiculously dangerous players, there's only Telnekes that I think doesn't really have much of a chance.

Fancy Vincent to claim this one. Think Fallon on stage should win the first two, but off stage, maybe not so much, Huckvale or Burton (favouring Adam on recent Challenge Tour form) could throw a spanner in the works.

Lowe should get through, he's playing too well not to unless Harris or Taylor show peak form.

Kciuk's good enough to make the last 64. Should have little trouble getting through the first two rounds, Ward/Carlin's a close one to call but the Pole I think's better at this point in time.

No stopping Joyce here. Jacques/Teehan might be a close struggle that could give Yordi an edge.

Askew I think has a little bit over Ritchie, but it's close, Rowby should beat either, then we get the tipster's nightmare game.

Rydz seems like the pick of these who start in the first round, although Smith-Neale has some level of pedigree. Edgar being rested up and his opponent having two games in the bank by the time they play might make the difference.

Owen should have too much for Williams. Owen hasn't shown enough to make me think he'll beat a non-bottom tier tour card holder. None of these are in de Sousa's league.

Jones should be able to grind the first round out, but Whitehead I think has a bit of extra class. West ought to come through the last game though.

Evetts is the pick here, Wilson is lacking in form too much. Berry's game is an interesting one, got to pick against Owen based on big tournament experience.

Doets should be able to take down probably the most inexperienced player in the field, but then Pallett (on stage, presumably for Alfie equity) is a big step up. Dave ought to have enough over Stevenson.

None of the rest of these seem controversial, Anderson has every chance but Humphries is showing way too much in the last 2-3 months, similarly with Woodhouse/Payne, can't see Thornton or Reyes troubling either of their opponents.

Kai's playing decently early in his Pro Tour career and should handle both opponents, but Pipe is an incredibly tricky opponent.

Think that whoever wins out of Hunt/Sedlacek takes this, Bates will not trouble either and only Murnan I think is a real threat from the other half, and not that big of a threat.

Barry/Tabern's a good game. Think Keane's going to step up, Steve Brown would be a tough second round ask assuming he beats Barnard, which he should given how well he's taken to being back on tour, but after the last weekend Lennon's too good.

Mansell I think's doing enough here. Lynskey I'm not convinced by, and I think Hamilton's experience will show over Zonneveld, but Mickey has the tools to nick this one.

Rafferty's been a bit quiet which is why I'm picking Beveridge, but Mike's improved a bit of late and I think he claims the round two win. None of them should trouble Jamie.

Only game I'm really sure of here is the round two game, I think either Richardson or Penhall should be an easy favourite. Both first round games should be very competitive, and I think Alcinas is there for the taking.

Menzies if he shows up ought to win, but what's he done of late? Kenny's started the year off well enough that he ought to cash, but Devon's inspired right now and ought not to be defeated here.

I think the only tricky one to call in this section is Smith/Jenkins - Harms appears the class of the top section, while Murray's a fair bit better than either Atkins or Bunse, although Christian should at a minimum give him a decent workout.

Tricky section first up. McGeeney's better in long form but hasn't had the best 2020 to date, Boulton appears the best of the lot.

Smith/van der Voort should be very competitive, I've picked the Canadian but this is real hard to call.

Dirk's playing at a level that he should be able to win these two games. Darius is going to be a very hard task, but the Dutchman is at a standard now that if he holds his game together he should prevail.

Kuivenhoven easily enough, he's had a very nice start to the year, but Clemens is different gravy.

Only possible controversial round 3 game is Schindler/van de Pas, I've gone for Benito as I think he's had a much better start to 2020 than the German, Martin's definitely got the quality that he can take it though. I guess if you know Dekker's going to play well you can make a case for him, but Willie's looked a clear couple of levels better than Jan in 2020.

Wasn't expecting the draw up this early, so I've shoved this up and will look more to Belgium later in the week.

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