Friday 5 March 2021

UK Open Live Updates post

Meh, let's break things off into a separate post now we're under way. God knows how many tabs I've got open.

1117 - Kirk looked solid enough beating Mathers. May lean towards taking him in round two a bit more often pending what happens in the Zoran/Jim game. Also Bialecki nine, nice.
1125 - Bialecki looked competent, around what I was expecting. Main good, will definitely take evens against Collins if offered. Doets did Doets things, average maybe a little misleading, his play was fine.
1127 - Christ, the guy that Griffin beat hit three twelves. Rhys didn't look overly threatening, will keep an eye out on the de Decker price, could be value there. Probably going to fire on Doets > Borland shortly.
1129 - 0.25u Doets 7/4 vs Borland (365), this looks incredibly flippy. Taking Kevin easily here at that price. Looks like Taylor's been forced into a decider from a solid lead, please hold this.
1134 - Christ, Taylor got away with one there, but will take the cash, solid start. Probably grabbing Blades at anything reasonable, 4/6 or there abouts, keeping tabs on it. Also WTF Rusty. Also good pick on the Doets one there, opened at 6/5 on Betfair.
1137 - Should say that Main opened too short, best I could see was 4/7 which isn't good enough value. Zonneveld looked good, waiting for a line, will shove Koltsov/Kuivenhoven into the computer shortly.
1140 - Blades and de Decker have both opened way too short to consider, and I'm not going to even think about going the other way on them.
1145 - 0.25u Koltsov 11/10 (Betfair), I really don't think Kuivenhoven will take this, model loves Boris, he's inconsistent but averages a fair bit more and has a win so is probably feeling good.
1149 - That Rafferty average is a bit misleading. Just completely took the legs off he lost, the scoring in the ones he won is fine. Vos just beat Gawlas, a little better than I expected.
1151 - Doets is now 11/8 on 365 lol
1153 - No value on Niels. 365 is close at 4/5, Betfair isn't at 8/15. Probably a fair line would be 4/6 so no thanks.
1155 - Hudson average might be a little inflated. Probably eliminates any value there might have been against Noguera, but we'll wait and see. Lerchbacher being a little unlucky here, scoring fine, just missing doubles and Williams isn't.
1202 - Surprised by that Verberk result, Lukeman was rather disapponting. Lewis Williams looked OK, but a 94 average seems a bit misleading, kind of like Hudson.
1208 - Jim Williams got away with one a bit, Lerchbacher made a great comeback effort but didn't quite get over the line. Probably say he's around a flip against Shepherd.
1213 - 0.25u Hudson evs (multiple places), thought there would be no value, but the market is thinking this is closer than I think, so will grab evens against Noguera. Murnan safely through, but the average looked a bit low. Will see if there was a duff leg from both or something like that.
1217 - Phew, McDine scraped through. Nothing odd on the Murnan game, just wasn't great, purple patch over? Kevin wasn't bad at all. Bit of a surprise with Mol defeating Edhouse. Round one close to done now.
1220 - Seems as if they've said Pipe was very well, so another player who's been fucked over by dodgy testing then. You'd expect at least one false positive from a field of this size. Brown's average is a tad misleading, a couple of decent legs but then several simply OK legs and a few where he's not quite gone out in 15, not leaving much but letting Carlin check in six visits.
1223 - Bialecki is very close to a bet. I did briefly see evens just now, but it was shifted down to 10/11 by the time I went to bet it. It's really close anyway.
1227 - Scott Taylor looked very good. Will see how he's priced against Verberk, but I'd guess he'll be too short to consider realistically.
1230 - David Evans got the win, but didn't look good. Siepmann was just worse. Sedlacek got the whitewash, but again, that's more to do with his opponent.
1232 - Hamilton is in a pick'em spot against Mol? Seems interesting, but will give Damian the benefit of the doubt as he played alright.
1236 - Finally a lost bet as Raman lost to Rowby, but hey, 6-4 and averaging 92, shouldn't have been 7/2. Burnett in a decider, van Peer's gone to pieces against Schindler, who's got match darts.
1242 - I really hope that game doesn't set Berry back massively. Good performance from Kciuk in beating Huybrechts, if we're offered 9/4 or 5/2 (entirely possible, Kim's a name player and has been playing well) it's probably worth a tenth of a unit shot.
1245 - That's an impressive average from Jacques. He's in the Baggish section, so it'll be a while before we see who he'll play, but that could be tempting.
1247 - As an aside, I've not seen any more tips jump out at me, so anything more to be added will be from round three at this stage.
1254 - What is Meikle doing? Can't see the value on Kciuk, 2/1 is nearly worth it, but happy to move on.
1257 - Going to be watching the Telnekes line very closely in round three. That 6-2 win against Zonneveld was not impressive at all so Bialecki or van der Wal could be worth a nibble.
1300 - OK, Meikle's back on throw, so still chances, but Doets is getting closed down fast.
1306 - Doets, nice. Atkins looked very good in defeating Brooks, as we expected, although Waites is surely going to be a step too far. Hudson did a nice number on Noguera, but again that was more Jesus disappointing.
1310 - Annoying result for Meikle that. Just didn't really put much pressure on Kenny's throws, although Nick wasn't making too many mistakes in that. Happened a while ago, but Gilding was clinical against Worsley to give us more cash in the bank. Baggish has just got the break as well, which is nice.
1322 - Kleermaker was up 4-0 up with the throw and it's now 4-3, he'd better not fuck this up.
1324 - That Brown/Rafferty game probably defines scrappy... there's not many new round 3 games yet, and those that I have seen are priced as I'd expect with the seed being favoured heavily (Heta, Searle)
1327 - Why is Waites through with a walkover? Good from Vos, only just a couple of legs off, may be worth a poke against Hudson. Kleermaker's got another break so will throw twice for the match.
1332 - Vos is only 11/8, which I don't think quite has the value. Kleermaker got home, so just the Koltsov bet left in round two now.
1333 - Missed Schindler coming through, will be really interested to see how he gets priced up against Kleermaker, as that could be good value.
1335 - Very even standard between Griffin and de Decker, Mike missing out again. Sedlacek I though would be favoured, but we'll wait and see.
1340 - Schindler and Bialecki lines are not as generous as I thought they might have been, so we won't be betting on those. Still waiting on the Sedlacek line, Barstow cruising against Thomas, against Brown it'd be very tempting.
1345 - Very good there from Ashton. Didn't give Beeney much of a chance. Think that Darius will be a bit too strong, but you never know, it's another grand in the bank in any case. Sedlacek offered no value at 1/2, probably wanted 8/13 before I'd fire on that.
1350 - Actually put Barstow and Brown through the master computer, and it was closer than I thought. With Brown being the card holder, I thought we might have got evens on Chas, but he's about 8/11 and he's not actually that far ahead of John, so nothing there.
1353 - Scott Waites has a world class beard.
1400 - Murnan might have just been on a bit of a hot streak, was a bit disappointing but Leung did enough. Can't see anything else to add to the betting slip right now.
1403 - Few interesting games just gone 6-5 involving Mitchell, Lovely and Hamilton - got a feeling that their round three matches could be value one way or the other, Hammer plays Blades and Gary might be undervalued, Lovely's going to play Meulenkamp and Eddie could be the tip, while Mitchell against Gilding could be tricky to call.
1412 - Wow this Kuivenhoven/Koltsov game is terrible, Boris should be running away with it but Maik's pulling him down to his level.
1416 - Lovely/Meulenkamp is starting a fair bit earlier than I thought, but Ron's got a bit more game than I first thought and isn't that great a price either. Blades is also not priced as I'd like, he's actually the favourite.
1425 - Disappointing from Edgar there, losing from 5-2 up and having 18 to win the decider and not even getting a dart for it.
1435 - Gilding's very close to a bet on 365, game with Mitchell seems like a toss up, but 11/8 isn't quite what I'm looking for. Mitchell does, I think, have a tiny edge. Also everything's fucked up in the Kuivenhoven/Koltsov game, not started on Dart Connect and gone from dartsdata. Great.
1457 - Bit of a break while I watch the game that didn't show on Youtube. Really didn't want to watch that match. Dunno what happened with Wilson, that was an unfortunate one, also lol Barney. Still not seen anything useful to go in round 3 and we're close to getting all the games cleaned up now, so I'll end this post here unless something amazing shows up.

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