Tuesday 30 May 2017

BDO World Trophy

Lest anyone begins to think this is a PDC blog, let's look at the BDO major that took place the last four days. The standard was, shall we say, not great. 300+ legs in the men's, and the combined players couldn't get 20 twelve dart legs between them, and the fifteen dart percentage of the tournament was at a fairly weak 41%. Comparable PDC players would be the likes of Justin Pipe, Zoran Lerchbacher, Keegan Brown - so not exactly the A list. Machin, your winner, did manage four of the 19 twelve dart legs of the weekend, but was allowed to win all of his matches while getting half the legs needed in 16 darts or more (except the Adams match, where he finished 4/7 in fifteen or less).

Probably the most impressive result was from Harms, slotting in two twelves and a further three fifteen dart legs against Durrant, rallying from 4-0 down to win 7-4. Durrant didn't let up - he averaged over 100 in the last seven legs of the match, so Harms had very little room for error, and was arguably the best player in the event. Was disappointed with McGeeney, for all the talk of him being the form player (and the #2 seed) he sure didn't play like it. Mitchell wasn't that impressive either, winning just 3/9 legs in less than fifteen darts and averaging just 86 in losing legs. There was plenty of comedy - Labanauskas missing more darts to win the critical leg than I take to finish any leg, Gulliver having 10 world titles and still not knowing that going for 19's with one dart in hand and 184 left isn't the greatest of ideas (although, as she averaged 63 in that game, maybe she thought she wasn't checking out regardless, so who cares).

Was good to see the event get TV time, although the concept of TV is close to a dead one in the internet age, and that they were streaming it in multiple places was good to see (that said, don't leave the comms mike open when you're on adverts...) and hopefully they can keep this going moving forward.

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