Friday 5 May 2017

Euro Tour 4 round 1

Have a few minutes before work to look at the odds. Max Hopp qualified, wow

0.25u Ratajski 10/11 vs Lennon, I'm not all that convinced about Lennon at this stage, Ratajski was playing well enough to do the triple qualification from Eastern Europe last weekend and we have enough on the Pole at this stage to know he's competent.

0.5u Richardson 8/15 vs Rowley, I was bigging Rowley up a couple of posts ago for having a good weekend, but Richardson should be too good here enough of the time if he has the slightest bit of consistency.

0.5u Clark 8/11 vs Berndt, Clark's hanging around in my live top 90 and has plenty of experience and this seems too long against a domestic qualifier.

0.25u Clayton 10/11 vs Kist, Clayton was white hot last weekend, while I think this is close normally I'm thinking the form differential is enough that the Welshman gets home enough to make it a bet.

0.25u Dekker 11/10 vs Wilson, Dekker reached a Pro Tour semi final last weekend, while Wilson has had quite the poor start to the year. Dekker should win this one at least half the time.

Considering Lerchbacher and Lewis, if it weren't for Lewis travelling having played last night I'd probably fire on him for sure.

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