Sunday 7 May 2017

Things can only get Dekker

Well that was embarrassing, after Dekker got us off to a great start, Benito nearly cocked it up then both Wade and Smith got the breaks they needed and threw them away, each losing 6-5 in a decider. van den Bergh and van Duijvenbode couldn't really get close but that's well within the range of expected results, Ratajski was able to keep it on throw up to 4-3 so I'm fine with that. End result is that all the gains from round 1 have been given back already, sigh. Today:

Suljovic is a 60/40 favourite over Cullen, who looked very good against Clayton. Suljovic did what he needed to, he's the better player and while I wouldn't be surprised with him getting turned over, I think that it doesn't quite happen often enough to bet.

Klaasen-Webster is around the same line, Webster really wasn't firing that great yesterday, it's more that Wade was worse and missed his shots. Klaasen faced a sub-75 average van Duijvenbode, and won 6-2 while only winning one leg in under 15 darts, so wasn't exactly on top form either. Leaving it alone.

Huybrechts-Dekker sees Kim around a 70% favourite, Dekker didn't need to throw too many good legs to overcome Norris, while Huybrechts was clicking late. Think this may be a game too far for Jan.

Wright is 75/25 against Gurney, Gurney had some good legs against Henderson but I don't think he produces enough of them that it's worth a bet either way - Wright should win but it's a bit short against a competent opponent.

Cross is a small favourite over West, this seems fine, could see this going either way.

Chisnall is similar against Lewis - Chizzy was lights out yesterday with four (!) twelve darters, while Lewis got through in a close one against White, dropping an 11 darter to break at 4-4 and following it up with solid play. Think that Chizzy wins a close one, as the market has it close I'll leave it alone.

Benito is only a small favourite against Price, and wasn't too convincing against Murnan, surviving a match dart and not throwing well at all for the first half of the game. Price was a mix of fifteens and over fifteens, just getting the one break in six visits which was enough. Can't see overwhelming value.

van Gerwen ends Ceder's run, end of.

Bets before the final session seem unlikely with me prioritising United/Arsenal, so that's it for the weekend, but I should be back later with a roundup.

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