Saturday 6 May 2017

Euro Tour 4 round 2

Ahhhhh, that's much better. Doesn't always work out as well as that, as we've seen previously, but it is very nice when it happens. Round 2 starting within the hour so let's get going:

Norris/Dekker - Norris hasn't really done a huge deal since the UK Open, but he's still installed as around a 65/35 favourite. There might be small Dekker value here, he was really on point yesterday, I'll punt it - 0.25u Dekker 15/8

Reyes/Ceder - Ulf pulled out a huge shock and is much shorter odds today against a better player, although that may be lack of information - Ceder won most of his legs in fifteen darts, which is a solid showing. There's enough here to think Reyes isn't an auto win, so no bet.

Klaasen/van Duijvenbode - Dirk's looked alright this year, and we're getting very good odds. More importantly, he seems to have solidified mentally, previously if he had blown a 4-0 lead like yesterday he would lose the match, but he got over the line. Small value here - 0.25u van Duijvenbode 27/10

Whitlock/Cross - Cross looked solid yesterday, and Whitlock had a bad weekend last time out. Can't blame any Cross bettors at 6/4, but I'll look at form over more than one weekend and leave it alone.

Chisnall/Clark - Chizzy way too short and I don't see Clark doing enough to bet at 7/1.

Cullen/Clayton - I know Cullen's been a bit hit and miss recently, but Clayton wouldn't be 6/4 if it wasn't for recent form. If Cullen had been a touch more solid over the past few weeks I'd fire on him, but he hasn't, so I can't really bet.

van de Pas/Murnan - Murnan opened up with a couple of fifteen darters then dragged himself over the line averaging only 85, that's not great form and Benito is off the back of one of the tournaments of his life. I like his chances even given the big odds on here - 1u van de Pas 3/8

Huybrechts/Hopp - Max was very hit and miss yesterday, finishing off with two four visit legs to seal the game, but missing clumps of doubles. Kim should punish that but is too short and Hopp may well throw enough good legs to creep home.

Wade/Webster - Webster didn't look good yesterday, uncharacteristic bad finishing, scoring not really there to compensate. Wade is a good price here - 1u Wade 2/5

Price/van den Bergh - Dimitri had a good comeback win and seems to be playing well, Price isn't that much of a step up from King, not enough for me to think that Dimitri can't grab this one time in three - 0.25u van den Bergh 2/1

Smith/West - West wasn't missing a thing on doubles but still only averaged 90, he's too short here against a Smith who made a tour semi just last weekend. Smith, even if he misses some doubles, should get enough of them to get home anyway - 1u Smith 4/6

Gurney/Henderson - Hendo started OK but then let Meulenkamp get into the match way too easily, a fifteen darter (on double 1 lol) on throw in the decider was good, but I think Gurney will be clinical enough. Not so much to bet at 2/5 though.

Suljovic/Ratajski - Is this really an 80/20 game? Ratajski really put the afterburners on after a sluggish opening and ended with an average just shy of the ton, seems much closer than the odds suggest - 0.25u Ratajski 39/10

Wright/Richardson - James doesn't have enough to win but Wright is too short to really consider betting.

van Gerwen/Brown - MvG is 1/20 and Brown averaged 86, no prizes for guessing what happens here.

White/Lewis - probably the most intriguing game of the night, Lewis rolled Bunting easily and should be better today, White won't be without chances but I'm not sure if 2/1 is enough to punt.

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