Thursday 13 July 2017

Matchplay first round writeups coming this weekend

Quick filler post to explain what I'll be posting in each writeup:

- I'll list their current (official) world ranking as of when I pulled the data (Wednesday), so it doesn't exactly reflect the seedings when the draw was made
- I'll list their current FRH ranking, as detailed in a post way back towards the start of the blog (i.e. money won starts decreasing gradually after a few months, rather than not at all and just disappearing after two years)
- I'll post a series of 100% stacked bar charts detailing some stats, namely frequency of finishing in four/five visits of fewer, losing average (these three stats are normalised so that the score of the lowest ranked player gets 10 points, the highest ranked player gets 30, and everything else scales linearly in between, so the most dominant stat you'll see here is someone having 75%), and something I call 2017 form points - in ranking events dating back to the worlds inclusive (so Phil doesn't get a zero), you score 1 for a last 16 finish, 2 for a quarter, 3 a semi, 5 for runner up and 8 for winning, with your best five scores counting (so the best you can get here is 40).
- Then I'll get into the analysis and any bets that I'd recommend.

Interesting to see that the big names from the States didn't make the end stages of the qualifiers over the last couple of days - would have thought one of Young, Butler, Part or Smith would have made it through, or at least made it through countback. Especially Smith, who I was glad to see played and has seemed to be the best of the bunch that have made TV regardless of code, but he was the only one of those four to even make a semi final. Pity really, would have been fun to see him challenge one of the big PDC names.

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