Friday 28 July 2017

van Gerwen in routine 16-6 wait what

Hmm, no idea what happened there. Obviously the markets are loving the fact that Phil managed to beat Michael van Gerwen, and ignoring that Adie outperformed Phil tonight, smashing in five twelve darters for fun compared to Phil's three, that they both finished 12/16 legs in fifteen darts or less, and in both previous rounds he's played better. Shoving everyone's results into the master computer puts Adie at a 46% chance to bink the whole thing, yet he's a huge underdog on the market. 0.5u Lewis 11/5 v Taylor. Still mostly in shock to be able to analyse more deeply than that to be quite honest, but Adie's been playing incredibly, foot off the gas towards the end of the Norris game excepted.

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