Thursday 27 July 2017

One quick bet

1u Lewis 4/9 vs Norris, as stated in the previous post I think he's a substantial favourite vs Norris, the only worries are his back and how it will stand up over a long format as the quarter finals onwards are, but I would think that he should be dominant enough that it won't last too much longer than the Cross game and they should factor in breaks sensibly (i.e. not after 5, 10 and then cut away from the action if it's 10-10 and going to a tiebreak), I'd guess every five legs to the 20th, at which point I'd have guessed Lewis should be in the region of having 12-13 legs in the bank and not needing much more if they do play out from there. van Gerwen's 2/11, and I'm surprised he's that short against Phil, it's too short to consider a bet, Taylor may still have the game to get it to leg 20 even or no more than a couple of legs down and it could start getting twitchy, at least enough that I'll ignore the game.

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