Tuesday 15 May 2018

World Cup coming up

The teams got announced earlier this week, and the excitement I have for the event is somewhat close to non-existent. As I mentioned on the blog around this time last year, because the first round is doubles, you can't get any sort of read on unusual players as it's so, so different to singles play.

So what am I hoping to read from it? Well, firstly I'm hoping to see England and Australia get smacked up, using the comical PDC rankings for most teams that have more than a token appearance on the Pro Tour sees two of the top four seeded sides not sending their strongest teams to it (Smith is quite clearly better than Chisnall at this stage, it was close on the rankings to be fair, but Cadby not being involved is comical, although they'd probably chuck out Anderson if they did make an exception despite Whitlock being worse).

Second, I want to see some of the Asian players play steel tip. It's interesting that the Chinese team had a qualifier won by one of their female players - coupled with them featuring the guy that played the worlds who's incredibly young and looked like he was an OK prospect if a fair bit away from the top level, how they do is something I want to see.

Third, I want a read on the Scandi guys before the Copenhagen Euro Tour event, sure we see some of them in the Euro Tour anyway, but it's limited, and we've got a better sample size here.

Finally, I just want to see how some of the complete randoms do. As it's somewhat rumoured that the PDC are going to expand the worlds to such a state that it'll become incredibly bloated, they may end up filling spots with players we've not heard of from miscellaneous territories that we simply don't see apart from here. So it may have some value.

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