Friday 29 June 2018

Hamburg bets

Very quickly now that lines are up:

0.25u Lowe 9/4, there's a bit of an experience gap on the stage and Keegan can throw the sort of stuff that'll leave Lowe no chance, but Keegan's had stages of throwing junk as well and Lowe can play a bit

0.5u Dobey 2/5, this is kind of the same level of optimism we had last week when Dobey cocked it up against Lynn so hopefully Bain doesn't show the same sort of outlier (which he can do) that Lynn did last weekend

0.25u Klaasen 1/2, there's a bit of an edge here and I think Jelle will be keyed in given the potential importance of this game for major qualifications, sure it could go wrong but it's not like Dragutin is mister consistent either

0.25u Humphries 5/8, think this should be nearer 1/2 and Huybrechts hasn't been convincing for a long time now

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