Saturday 21 July 2018

Oh my god what the hell just happened

To exaggerate a metaphor I used on Twitter earlier, that's not just put the cat amongst the pigeons, that's created a special statue which is the equivalent of Mecca, waited for all the pigeons to congregate, and then nuked it from orbit to be sure. van Gerwen's gone and now nobody knows what the fuck is going to happen. I've not recalculated win chances for future games incorporating tonight's results (it wouldn't make much difference anyway), but the overall win chances from a couple of posts ago now says that Smith, Wright and Cross are all within 1% of each other in the 17-18% range. Interesting that Ando's still south of 10% but is now the bookies' favourite at 4's.

I didn't watch any of it, it seems as if my life isn't too short to go and watch pre season 0-0 draws in Mansfield, but it was nice to see Wilson giving Lewis a great run, but from 7-3 up you've really got to close the game out. It needs to be done. Got to think that the three missed darts from 16 to make it 8-4 was the key. I did mention on Twitter that in leg 9 it was nice to see that he went for 20's straight up on 132 with Lewis on an out, but then again I didn't take into account the possibility that he just had the line perfect on the first dart but overcooked it. Can't immediately find the game on Youtube, but while looking it was fun to see this in relation to the match:

Glad that his insight is being appreciated worldwide

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