Sunday 12 January 2020

BDO final

So, despite the best efforts of the BDO to suggest otherwise:

We do have an all-Welsh final between Wayne Warren and Jim Williams, for the final (probably) BDO world title and prize money of somewhere between their bus fare home and maybe what you get for winning a Players Championship event. Perhaps. Who knows. I've shoved all the data from the worlds into the master computer, and I think Wayne's playing slightly better. He's got the most twelve dart legs of anyone, is finishing his legs at a decent enough 56% clip in fifteen darts or better (while this isn't incredible, it's 15% better than what Jim's been doing), and his points per turn is less than a tenth of a point below 90, which really isn't too shabby at all - there's only four players that are above that mark, and only Kleermaker and Mitchell have played more than 30 legs in doing so. I'm not going to recommend a bet, as anything I do here is reliant on the BDO's stats being accurate, and given what I posted yesterday, someone entering 140 as a score might be 140, but it could probably be just as easily 100, 40, 84, what they've ordered from the nearest Chinese restaurant, or their score at Snake on their BDO issued mobile phone.

Nice to see Keane Barry claim the youth title in what's been an outstanding year, and Mikuru Suzuki retaining her world title, hopefully one or more of them can get through Q-School and really push their game on. I'll look a little bit more at Q-School early next week, there's some entrants on Dart Connect but the list looks somewhat incomplete, and the deadline isn't until Tuesday anyway. Check back later.

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