Tuesday 14 January 2020

Q-School Predictamania

The list of 853 (!) runners across the two events is up, it looks like Alcinas has retained his card, there's 20 available at the UK event and 11 at the European event, so let's play a little game. I'll pick my runners, and will award 20 points if they win a card, and 1 point per point they win if they don't, so 620 points available. I'm going to go with:

1 Seigo Asada
2 Keane Barry
3 Stephen Burton
4 Kevin Dowling
5 Ritchie Edhouse
6 David Evans
7 Nick Fullwell
8 Damon Heta
9 Pete Hudson
10 Andy Jenkins
11 Darren Johnson
12 Kyle McKinstry
13 Cameron Menzies
14 Scott Mitchell
15 Arron Monk
16 Nathan Rafferty
17 James Richardson
18 Mikuru Suzuki
19 Wayne Warren
20 Jim Williams

1 Mike de Decker
2 Wesley Harms
3 Cody Harris
4 Martijn Kleermaker
5 Nico Kurz
6 Wessel Nijman
7 Wesley Plaisier
8 Karel Sedlacek
9 Dirk van Duijvenbode
10 Mario Vandenboegarde
11 Jose Justicia

Will post out on Twitter and see if anyone else wants a shot, post in the comments if you want.

Edit - there's 11 spots in the Euro one and I only picked 10, idiot, I'll tack on Justicia as the eleventh guy. And even though Kurz is apparently only playing the one day I'll live and die by my lack of research

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