Sunday 5 January 2020

Some early thoughts from the BDO worlds

Haven't watched any of it so far, but it's nice to see that there's still plenty of errors going on with their stats - not putting up the Jim Williams game until the following day, uploading the Dave Parletti but having the link go to an FTP server (who knew those still existed in 2020?), the Chaney/Hazel game links to the Wayne Warren game...

But enough about the inability of the BDO to run a website, what about the actual games? Not overly impressive, as you'd expect, probably the best player has been Ross Montgomery, who lost, you've got (through the John O'Shea game) nearly 20% of the legs going to a seventh visit, Mandigers looked decent but also lost, Williams got through but didn't look good at all, I think it's only Wayne Warren who's actually won his game and hit more fifteen dart legs than over fifteen darters. Hopefully the standard picks up a little bit once we get to the last sixteen.

I've been thinking a little bit about how I could incorporate more data into the database without:

a) Making it completely unmanageable timewise
b) Getting to such a low level whereby there's so much bad darts it distorts the figures

I think that it would be safe enough to take major WDF events, the Challenge/Development Tours, and regional PDC affiliated events from the quarter final stages onwards. In most of those, you're going to have enough players of a competent level at that stage whereby it's worth adding them to the database. It is, of course, reliant on getting good enough data that I can actually add them, but at least the Asian Tour (when their wifi is working), Nordic and Baltic Tours and I think the CDC are all on Dart Connect, the Dutch Open is rumoured to be coming to that system as well, I don't know about the DPA tour but I'll see what I can do. It'll certainly help in 10-11 months to get a bit more solid info in about the international qualifiers.

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