Saturday 11 January 2020

New BDO lows

Let's have a look at Friday's results:

I don't know what a Paul hoagan is, I mean it's not as bad as captioning a Suzuki/O'Brien match with photos of Scott Waites and Martin Adams, but honestly. But wait, there's more. Let's click through to that nine-set thriller between Waites and Mitchell (I won't post the whole PDF as it's huge, just the pertinent information):

At this point, words fail me. How on earth have they managed to have Darts for Windows, a fucking computer program, somehow say the two players have combined to win 38 legs and lose just 30? It's a computer program - you type in the scores, and it calculates it. This shouldn't be possible. For the record, the individual leg tally was seventeen a piece.

I might pay a bit of attention today. The ladies' final should be good, as should the youth final between Bennet (sic) and Barry, and I've got a bit of funking power for Mario having got him each way after his first game. Let's see what happens.

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