Thursday 12 March 2020

Coronaplague hysteria

We've now lost three European Tour events to the outbreak of panic across the world, now the thing they've done for ET2 is to put in two additional Pro Tour events for that weekend. Now it's unclear as to whether ET2 has been cancelled or just postponed, but putting in these events instead makes me think that they're having a contingency to cancel it completely, so what I think they should do is give Boris Koltsov, who'd already qualified for it (I think whoever the Scandi was that did has a tour card anyway) first refusal to play these two as compensation. Makes sense.

Of course, it'll be moot as if the current escalation in hysteria continues, Boris will have napalmed all ports of entry, troops will shoot anyone on the streets on sight and Trump will have nuked Europe from orbit just to be sure, but it seems the right thing to do in these extreme circumstances.

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