Friday 6 March 2020

UK Open afternoon live post

Afternoon people,

Just about caught up with the round one results, got 20 games into the database, will post round 2/3 tips as we go, OK performance on the round 1 picks with a half unit gain with just the Heta and Meikle picks still to go.

1250 - 0.25u Sedlacek 4/9 is available on 365

1255 - Checked the rest of the round 2 games that are finalised, nothing is appealing


1318 - Half tempted by Askew over Klaasen at 11/5, maybe if there's money on Jelle I'll think about it

1330 - Not seeing anything new yet, but it's pretty disappointing that the first Kai Fan Leung game is frozen in time on dartsdata, and the Cheeseman game is nowhere to be seen on Dart Connect, hopefully the latter, given it was on a stream board, will show up on Youtube soon, but we'll see

1337 - 0.25u Heaver 13/8 against McKinstry, their first round games were fairly similar so I guess that this might be a bit closer, a 6-0 has to fill Jason with a bunch of confidence

1411 - Still seeing no further bets, but it looks like dartsdata doesn't recognise that Scott Waites' second round game exists, hopefully Dart Connect picks that one up as well

1415 - Not seen a line yet, but Evetts over Wilson is surely one to look at

1423 - Seeing 8/11 Evetts, which is borderline, will have a look at other bookies. Kuivenhoven against Clemens will be an interesting one to look at, Maik will probably be a bit underrated and may be worth a tenth of a unit play

1424 - Never mind that Kuivenhoven comment, the previous game's finished and that game started before anyone could post a line, lol

1426 - The Waites game has come through, Dart Connect's just a bit funky and not sorting by board, so it was hidden at the bottom

1434 - 0.25u Evetts 10/11 is available on 365

1515 - Can't believe both Meulenkamp and Smith lost, just ridiculous. I found all but a few darts of the de Decker game eventually, but Dart Connect eventually came through for that one. Doubt there'll be any more tips at this stage, nothing looks inspiring so check back for round four, now with less Max Hopp

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