Sunday 17 October 2021

Quick quarter final thoughts

Florian gave us value at least, I think it's fair to say Mensur was the better player, but not Hempel a 7/4 dog better player. Oh well, de Sousa mitigated the damage to get us out of round 2 for a minor loss, now on to the quarters.

Noppert/Aspinall - Another fine performance from Danny to take down Ryan Searle with ease. Would it be fair to say that Aspinall is his easiest opponent to date? Quite possibly. Nathan actually looked good and seems to be gearing up into form at the right time of the season. Bookies can't split them, they actually give Aspinall the tiniest of edges, I'm thinking it should be priced 4/5 Danny rather than 10/11 Nathan. Not enough edge to bet it.

Price/van Gerwen - This is going to be good. Neither player had any trouble in round two, Gawlas flashed for one leg but that was it really, van Gerwen got up heavily against Wade and saw it home, James not doing a great deal wrong in fairness, other than simply not getting quite enough scoring to generate more chances. It's priced 4/5 Gerwyn 10/11 Michael, I think there should be a little bit more separation but not enough to bet Price here.

Cross/de Sousa - Thought Brendan might have given Rob a tougher time, but he just had too many legs where he couldn't generate the scoring power and Rob was consistent enough. Jose maybe got away with one against Humphries, who had a great combination of huge kills and power scoring, honestly do think he's going to win a big one soon. Market thinks just better than 60/40 in favour of Jose, and I think this is very close to a bet. I see it as more like 70/30. I would go with it, but the only place that is offering the 8/13 that oddschecker list is some obscure bookie, everywhere else looks to be 8/15, so if you want to go on whatever a spreadex is, be my guest.

Suljovic/Cullen - Mensur needed every leg to beat Hempel, but wasn't bad at all, Cullen was kept fairly close in the early stages but powered away after the first break. Similar price to the previous game with Joe being favoured, that looks about the right ballpark to me.

Meanwhile in the WDF it looks like Jim McEwan and Rhys Hayden have got to the final of yesterday's event - I only assume they're playing it on stream today? Jim we've mentioned a few times in relation to the Challenge Tour and he's got into a few Pro Tours as well, Rhys I really don't know anything about. Good to see quite a few familiar faces getting deep, Darren Johnson and Arron Monk being the semi finalists while Steve Hine also had a nice run. It's the bigger of the two events today, will keep a close eye on it as we hit a run of fairly big events on that side of the sport.

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