Sunday 17 October 2021

Semis and final

That Price/van Gerwen game is an instant contender for match of the year, if only Price didn't just run out of steam late and we'd got to a decider, it'd have been even better. Still, four names left in:

van Gerwen/Aspinall - Line looks fairly good. I'm seeing MvG at 68% - Nathan's continuing to play well. Line is 9/4 Aspinall with a bit of vig the other way, so no thanks.

Cullen/Cross - Huge, huge opportunity for both, Rob to halt the slide and Cullen to finally get to a big TV final (remember kids, they're ALL big TV finals). Market has this fairly even, shading ever so slightly towards Cullen. That looks about right again - I see Joe at 54%, so will pass.

I don't expect anything hugely out of line on the final if both semis look perfect, but what I would be looking for is odds that reflect at least a clear 5% out from these projections:

MvG/Cullen - 67% MvG
MvG/Cross - 71% MvG
Aspinall/Cross - 53% Aspinall
Aspinall/Cullen - 52% Cullen

So, for example, if we were given 6/4 on Nathan in a final, we'd definitely pile in if it was against Cross, and strongly think about it if it was Cullen. Cullen, if he does beat Cross, has the situation where I think we've got to factor in first big final nerves and maybe drop him down a percent or two. Back with FRH rankings later.

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