Saturday 2 July 2022

Trier day 2 evening

Let's continue...

Humphries/Menzies - Luke's one of the toughest outs on the circuit now and is going to be a real test for Menzies, who managed a ton average in a good win over Zonneveld yesterday, this is priced at shorter than 1/3 for Luke, and the line looks just about perfect.

Clayton/Williams - Let's see what Scott, who needed to survive a comeback attempt from Szaganski yesterday, can do against an elite level talent in Jonny Clayton. Market is similar to the above game, think it maybe should be slightly closer, but arguing about a line being 7/2 when I have the match 75/25 is meh.

Gurney/Clemens - Clemens got a bye yesterday, as did Gurney for all intents and purposes as he was promoted into the seeds, so no real clue about how they're playing in terms of very short term form. Looks too close to call for me, maybe Daryl has a very slight edge, 11/8 isn't quite enough to bet Clemens though, even with the German crowd in play.

Price/Rodriguez - Rowby's playing fantastic in 2022 and got the notable scalp of Noppert in round one, now comes up against probably the biggest name in the field given the withdrawals. Another one that's priced 75/25, looks fine to me, maybe Rowby's a tick better than that but that's it. Maybe we get a repeat of the World Cup antics?

Cullen/White - This would be a fantastic game 2-3 years ago, what now though? Cullen is doing Cullen things, White cruised against Murnan, and the market gives him less than a one in three shot. That's maybe slightly harsh, I'd have gone 7/4 instead of 11/5, small differences though.

Schindler/Razma - Martin will look to solidify a finals place here, a win should be enough I would think if he's not there already (he's on the same amount as Sedlacek who someone called in already so I don't know), Razma should be a good test after he disposed of an indifferent Horvat 6-3. Looks 2-1 in favour of Schindler, we can get 4/7 so it's not enough.

van den Bergh/Hempel - Florian won a pretty forgettable game against Brooks, and it's hard to plot a path to victory against Dimitri off of back to back World Series wins. I've got Dimitri up at 80% for this one such is the level of difference in form, and he's 1/5. That World Championship match seems a long way away, doesn't it?

van Duijvenbode/de Zwaan - An all Dutch match to finish off, as we get de Zwaan, who got a bye, against van Duijvenbode, who was playing well on home soil last weekend. Dirk's a very short favourite, but hey, I'm seeing 75/25, so I'll allow it.

Back tomorrow for round three, but will not be available to do anything for the quarters I think. Maybe I project all perms in advance and post up something on my phone.

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