Saturday 22 April 2017

Euro Tour 3

Wow, that's quite the quick turnaround from the previous event, I was thinking this was next weekend so completely overlooked the previous day's play. No time to analyse today's matchups, at least in terms of recommending bets, but some thoughts on seeds that could fall:

- Richardson might have a chance against Price if he can tighten up some of his looser visits, his doubling stat wasn't great but they were missed in clumps in a couple of legs where he'd given himself time to do so, other times he killed quickly enough against a decent test in Henderson. Would likely require Price to have a bit of a dud like vs Wade last week to help.

- Adam Hunt won't be without chances against Steve West, he got some fifteen darters yesterday and could have got more but for missing a couple of doubles, West hasn't been too convincing this year and Hunt's threatened for a while now.

- Rob Cross is obviously in with a shot, Smith could easily just chuck in fifteens and the odd twelve for fun, but Cross seems much less likely to not show up.

- Vincent van der Voort could easily take advantage of Cullen if he doesn't correct the poor play he showed last weekend (or, as Cullen himself admitted, the game he had immediately before winning the Pro Tour title).

- Nathan Aspinall has got to be live if he plays like he did yesterday, it looks like every single leg won was in fifteen darts or less against Robert Thornton, keep that up and Chisnall's propensity to miss doubles could let him in.

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