Saturday 1 April 2017

Some miscellaneous stuff from previous posts

Premier League relegation has been and gone. You may recall I tried to predict where players would be at this stage, so here's how they've over or underperformed in comparison to the predictions:

van Gerwen 14 (-0.7)
Wright 13 (+2.09)
van Barneveld 12 (+1.88)
Anderson 11 (-1.15)
Taylor 11 (+4.68)
Lewis 9 (-1.62)
Wade 8 (+2.79)
Chisnall 6 (-0.74)
Klaasen 3 (-3.39)
Huybrechts 3 (-3.84)

It's minorly interesting to note that the three runners who were in the bottom 10 of the consistency stats in the previous post are the three that underperformed the most (although we should obviously discount Klaasen a bit with his injury, and Huybrechts sadly not being there on Thursday), and the three who are on top of those consistency stats outperformed their predictions by the most. I think Phil doing it by that much is partially that Phil's data from the worlds is a bit crap in comparison to the larger data set I now have (his 12 dart percentage is up four points, his 15 dart percentage is up seven), but it is odd how there appears to be some correlation.

Additionally, you may recall the GOAT Simulator post. I've watched through the 1990, 2001 and 2006 finals so far and should get to 1998 and 2009 tomorrow. Pop quiz - in the finals between Taylor/Bristow and Taylor/Part, who hit more twelve darters, Taylor or his opponents? Answers on a postcard - I'll give you a hint that Taylor won 41 legs in those finals to the opposition 13. Ignoring that, some of the stuff he did was just ridiculous - going for bull for a 10 darter is something.

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