Wednesday 29 March 2017

Odds and sods

Few random things that aren't worthy of a post on their own:

- I've added a few darts links to the sidebar. I'd add some forums but the only one that was not completely terrible (but suffered from terrible moderation) seems to have died.

- Paul Hogan hit a nine in the home internationals and nobody seemed to notice. I'll probably add the stats from that event to the database as although I assume it can't be ranked it is at least competitive for those that are in it and anything on BDO players is surely useful.

- Watching events live. I'd love to go more. I've been twice - the first time was on the European Tour in Munich (the one Henderson made the final of) where I went to the afternoon session on the final day, and it was absolutely worth it, although the tables had sold out. Eight matches of high quality, good reasonably priced beer, pleasant atmosphere, no complaints (apart from the comedy price they were selling Eclipse Pro's at). I also went to the opening session of the Grand Prix last year - nowhere near as good. Televised so absolutely masses of downtime, a late start on a Sunday evening, only having Foster's (no Guinness in Dublin is surely a first), no facilities to pay by card or withdraw cash, ran so slowly I had to miss the last three games in order to get the last tram back because the venue is in the middle of nowhere, and badly directed. Who knew the Citywest wasn't located at the tram stop with Citywest in the name? Me and all the German leprechauns for a few. Get it in the city, or, better, now that you've removed the free Irish entrants, over here. Maybe in the north - we have the Matchplay and that's it. Worlds are in London. UK Open was up here but now it's in Minehead like the Players Championship Finals. European Championship is in Belgium. Grand Slam would just about be doable but I have no reason to ever go to Wolverhampton.

- Six events over the next six weekends is quite packed. I should hopefully be able to get bets for round 1 of the next Euro event up as it's over Easter, the others might be a push with work.

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