Saturday 4 March 2017

UK Open Round 5

LOL Lewis

Betting was pretty much a trainwreck. Evetts bet was an outsider which needed two things to happen, when Huybrechts averages as he did it's not even close to one of them happening, Klaasen being broken in a deciding leg having held a solid lead and having a match dart is awful, Michael and Pallett really didn't show

Scanning the lines, White/Lukeman (nice job on beating Dobey, didn't see that coming) looks to be lined up right, Hogan/Price being close to evens seems fine, given Hogan's wins I don't see why Price isn't a dog but you can't just look at form over the last 24 hours, Whitlock being solidly ahead of O'Connor seems fine, 1/5 or so is too short, Smith being a small favourite over Norris also seems right, Gurney seems a bit too short against van der Voort, Klaasen wasn't even that short and he's clearly better than Gurney, so 0.5u van der Voort 2/1, Huybrechts against Cullen is another exciting matchup, Kim being more or less 4/7 across the board looks like it is worth a piece if he plays anywhere near as well as he did against Evetts, 1u Huybrechts 4/7, which just leaves Cross against Wright - Wright seems too short to bet, but I'm not sure if Cross can nick it enough given the form Wright's in.

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