Friday 24 March 2017

Euro Tour 1

Firstly, praise the sun! The current event on the dartsdata page has somehow made the UK Open scorelines reappear, so I've quickly noted down everything I need and will add them into the master computer this weekend, along with the information from this weekend's event. I may try and backfill some data from the Pro Tour, as it seems like a few games that were streamed are on Youtube. We'll see how much time I have.

Anyway, as usual Hopp somehow contrived not to qualify for this weekend's tournament. Information is incredibly limited as to what actually happened, but let's look at tomorrow. Odds are up pretty fast, everything apart from Whitlock/Painter is up, so let's go:

Price is just shorter than a 2:1 favourite, seems right, both are in good form
White's about the same against Bowles, think that's not right, Bowles couldn't manage a single fifteen darter which won't cut it against someone of White's calibre - 0.5u White 5/11
Klaasen is a dog to McGowan? I know there was an article on him having an injury, and by the looks of things he played like complete arse, but really? Probably should have watched last night to judge for myself. 0.5u Klaasen 11/8 anyway as McGowan wasn't exactly good today either
Smith's nearly 3/1 on, that seems very short against Dekker. Neither Dekker nor Quantock seemed that good scanning the numbers... will pass though as Smith seems to be remembering how to play darts
Reyes a 2:1 favourite against Nicholson, that doesn't seem like a bad punt, Paul only had a couple of fifteen darters today and Reyes is seeded for a reason - 0.5u Reyes 1/2
Huybrechts is a huge favourite against Portela which seems fine, Kim's game against Evetts was one of those I looked at earlier and that was exceptional darts
Bunting only a small favourite against Pallett. Bunting's game seems to have gone to pieces, and the times I've looked at Pallett he looks OK, but I need longer than is offered
Norris strong odds on against Corner. Will pass, Corner had a couple of OK legs and I do wonder if Norris blowing the chance he had against Price might have him slightly off his game
Johnson seems like a good bet against Wade - 0.25u Johnson 4/1, last four legs he won he ran off in 15 or less, he's off the back of a good Pro Tour run, it could happen
Chizzy almost a 3/1 favourite against van den Bergh, Dimitri looked on point today so will go for another dog gamble, 0.25u van den Bergh 11/4
Don't know much about Harvey. 102+ average is nice over a 10 leg match, but Benito's a different level
Wright 1/10 vs Kist? Come on
van Gerwen's even shorter against Wattimena
Suljovic has been a bit quiet since the worlds, so will avoid betting against King who's playing OK the last month despite a tempting price
Cullen probably isn't worth a bet against Bain, if Bain can turn over Dobey he might have chances

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