Monday 13 March 2017

Players Championship 3/4, ET1 qualifiers

I leave the country for two minutes and all hell breaks loose! What on earth happened this weekend, crazy sets of results. Congrats to Rob Cross on, while playing to a very good standard, did win his title out of nowhere, Simon Whitlock on another win which gives him a big bump in my live rankings below, and Kim Huybrechts, Ryan Meikle and Joe Cullen on hitting nine darters.

Best weekend long performance - somewhat of a tricky one this, nobody made both quarter finals so it's hard to give it to someone on consistency for that, Cross would be an easy shout if he'd got further than the last 32 yesterday, Whitlock managed to go out in the first round, so I'm going to look lower down the order and see who managed to cash better than they would be expected to and qualified for the European Tour. King did the qualifying but missed one of the Pro Tour events completely, Paul Nicholson also had somewhat of a return to form with two cashes, qualification, and the scalp of Peter Wright, Jamie Bain got a couple of mincashes and qualified, Dobey continued to be solid. I'm going to give it to Bain - while it's only a couple of grand of prize money, I think he can be very happy with his returns.

Best tournament long performance - Darren Johnson. Cross would again be the easy call, but scalps of van Barneveld, Price, Norris and King doesn't look as impressive as beating Chisnall, van Barneveld (in rounds 1 and 2 for crying out loud), van de Pas and van Gerwen.

Best single match performance - Almost tempting to give it to Caven for whitewashing Wilson, but Willie O'Connor over Michael van Gerwen is more worthy.

Worst weekend long performance - Chuck could be close having won just four legs in two games against Terry Temple and Rob Cross. Bunting also had two first round defeats, to Andy Jenkins and the aforementioned Jamie Bain. That said, neither of those needed to qualify for Europe, and Brendan Dolan did. And didn't. He lost there to Darron Brown, not even in the final round, and fell first round to Rob Cross and Robert Thornton in the main floor events. Thornton beating Dolan was the only reason he didn't miss on all three completely either. But I'm going to go for a big name in Peter Wright - won through the first round each time, but then lost in round 2 to Paul Nicholson and Christian Kist, which for our newest major champion can only be described as a major underperformance.

Worst single match performance - Few contenders here, Barney using the Barney rule to play the UK qualifier then lose to John Bowles is probably the pick from the European qualifier, Wilson losing 6-0 to Caven is comical, but I'll opt for Jamie Lewis for forcing me to put Terry Roach on my ranking spreadsheet, thanks to being unable to win a single leg.

Still need to update the running betting total following the UK Open (edit - 14/03/17 - now amended). Something to do this week along with continuing to collate the live data.

Updated live top 20 rankings:

1 Michael van Gerwen
2 Gary Anderson
3 Peter Wright
4 James Wade
5 Dave Chisnall
6 Raymond van Barneveld
7 Adrian Lewis
8 Phil Taylor
9 Mensur Suljovic
10 Jelle Klaasen
11 Kim Huybrechts
12 Simon Whitlock (UP 2)
13 Benito van de Pas (DOWN 1)
14 Ian White (DOWN 1)
15 Michael Smith
16 Alan Norris
17 Gerwyn Price
18 Daryl Gurney
19 Robert Thornton
20 Terry Jenkins

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